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  1. Has anyone out there seen or know how to make hand controls for a trolling motor(convert foot control to hand).A freind of mine fishes bass tourys for the disabled and could us something like this for the time that He has to fish by His self.Thanks for any help.
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    Pro-Kon-Troll steering handle should work. It's in the Bass Pro Marine catalog pg.70

  3. Thanks Bobk but that won't work for him.After they help him in the baot that is where he fishes from,he is unable to move around the boat.So most of the time all fishing for him is done from the drivers seat.
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    they have remote controls for the trolling motors!! one sell for $99.00.
  5. Minn Kota makes a trolling moter u put on your outboard not sure of cost but he could run it from drivers seat

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  6. Heres what i found on the cabelas site. i know he may have to switch trolling motors but i think this would be the answer he is looking for.