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  1. Just moved into the fairfield hamilton area. Know of a few places to fish, GMR and the hamilton county parks but don't know much else, any tips on what to use where to go that kinda thing. Would greatly appriciate it. Thanks
  2. its kinda of a good drive but deer creek and paint creek offer some excelent fishing all year around right now the spill way fishing is best if they arent flooded

  3. thanks be a little far anyone got any help for the dam on the GMR going into hamilton i drive past it everyday but i dont know how to fish it. Is it worth fishing for saugeye or catfish?
  4. shoot me a pm sometime ill go with you and show you the ways the b street dam and the lower dam off neilan are decent for catfish if you know how to do it but we have other spots that are more productive for big cats and ive been doing extremely well at rush run for trout me and my girlfriend caught 10 yesterday and one 4 foot carp on my ultra light ugly stick i wish i would have had a camera.
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    The "new" damn near the bike path is good for sauger, walleye, and white bass. It used to be pretty good for smallmouth too, but the bass fishing has gone downhill the last several years. The west side is usually less crowded, you just have to walk a ways to get there. Best bait for me is a 3" twister tail on a 1/4 or 3/8 oz lead head. Small crank baits work well too, but there are a ton of snags and you will lose a lot of baits.
  6. acton lake is good for bass,cat,and gills. There are a lot of creeks and streams that have some good bass shoot me a pm and i'll be glad to help