Hamilton GMR

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  1. Thinking bout hitting the river there in Hamilton for some eyes. Never fished there before. I have to get out cuz i got the itch bad and the boat still has the duck blind on it. Is there parking nearby. and whats the best methods. Do you stay close to the dam or venture down further. Any info would be great just looking to scratch that itch
  2. The Knightsbridge Dam is as popular a spot on the GMR as you are going to find, and offers decent fishing year round. There is parking directly across the street from Miami University on Neilan Blvd., but I would suggest going there either during the afternoon or very early in the mornings. Any other time and there will most likely be too many people there to enjoy yourself, especially with the water finally getting close to normal flow and slightly warmer temperatures coming.

    3" white or chartreuse twisters are the most popular bait, generally fished with a swimming retrieve on an 1/8 oz. head, or dragged with a 1/4-3/8 oz. head. Sassy Shads in natural or pearl colors are also popular, but either way, be prepared to lose a TON of lures.

    Fishing pressure is the highest nearest the dam, and drops off considerably the further you move down. This is not to say that the fishing is not as good. Actually, some of my best holes are WAY below any dam (and that is as specific as I am going to get).

    The river is fishable right now at 3890 cubic feet per second flow (according to USGS), but should rise quickly following tomorrow's rains. Normal flow for this time of year is 2500-3000 CFS, and, in my opinion, is 'fishable' until the river hits about 7000 CFS.

  3. By the way, the USGS website I speak of can be found at the link below.


    You can see it is too high to fish now, unless you REALLY want to fight the current, let alone the wind.
  4. thanks for the reply no i didnt go. read the flow chart and it was high. maybe try later in the week.