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Had Lake Snowden all to myself this morning

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by wackyworm, May 10, 2004.

  1. Had Lake Snowden all to myself this morning (Mon), didn't even have to share with those pesky bass :rolleyes: ! Got on at 7:15 am, left about 11 am never caught a bass :( . Threw buzzbait, plastic lizard/worms/tube, 2" floating Rapapla, spinnerbait. NOTHING! (I don't count the 2 bluegill caught on the Rapala) Didn't eve see any surface activity till around 10 am, about that time I saw a huge boil and splash up the shoreline. Cruised over in that direction of course, but couldn't get a rise. I did see, probably the nicest bass I have ever have seen on that lake sitting a few feet from shore. I was trying to decide wether it was a log or fish, then it slowly swims off. I thinking it had to be around 18-20 inches. Cruised around looking for some carp activity, saw none. It got really hot (not the fishing) so I left. Water temp 70-72 degrees.