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Had a first happen this evening

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bellyboater, May 21, 2007.

  1. I went to Eastwood bass fishing walking the banks. I caught 2 and missed 2 the first 50 yards I worked down the bank. I fished all the way down til I was straight across from the docks. Had not had another bite. I thought I'll try a couple more cast and head it on home. So I cast my senko about the same time I see something flying out of the side of my eye. My bait hit the duck and all the sudden my poles pulling to the left and the lines a singing off my reel. Then the line went taunt and the duck went down. Some how after the duck hit the water my line got loose. The duck started paddling itself down the bank and seemed fine. I reeled my line back in and the senko was still on and the barb of the hook stiil covered with rubber.
  2. BITE-ME

    BITE-ME Muskie Addict

    Had something similar happen to me when I was a kid...

    I was casting a small rebel crawfish crankbait at a quarry late one evening. At the end of my cast a bat swooped down on my bait and picked it up before it hit the water. Needless to say I hooked the bat and reeled it in. Being young and kind of freaked out about bats, I beat it sensless until the thing came loose. To tell you the truth, I don't think I would react much differently now - 20yrs later.

  3. Lol yea bats are crazy.... I was fishing one night at Hueston Woods and had one swoop down and like land on my shoulder a few years ago.... Without thinking I grabbed it and threw it down into the water.... it was an eery thing... Still gives me chills when I think about it haha
  4. When Bats Attack!! That's funny. Never had any real close encouters with them. But I do like to watch them track insects. They look like tissue paper puppets on a string. Never "caught" a duck before either. Saw a bratty kid try to catch a chick once. The mother duck came a squawking in a hurry. The brat kicked the mother bird. God I was angry.
  5. rutty

    rutty Cowboy Charters

    I have reeled in a duck and a seagull fishing in a channel one time on Lake Erie. I was casting the shoreline for bass and as my bait hit the water, I scared the seagull off the wall and its wing hooked my line and pulled my bait right out of the water until it was hooked on its wing. Boy was it mad. The same thing happened the vary same day with a mallard. It hasn't happened again since that day though.
  6. When I was stationed in south GA, near Valdosta, nearly all of the lakes had gators. We would take a Texas rigged worm and cast accross the nose of a gator then reel the line up like you are reeling it up over a log and as soon as the worm would be at the side of the gators mouth he would nail it. To say the fight was on is an understatement. They would immediately submerge and take off. Most of the lakes were shallow and you could follow the bubble trail. Once the bubble trail quit moving we would take a boat paddle and put it in the water and poke the gator in the back and he would take off again. Of course we never got close to landing one nor did we want too but it was an unusual way to have some fun. Oh, did I mention we did this in a 13 foot, ganoe, which is similar to a canoe with a transom. That was about 20 years ago no way I would think about doing that today. :eek:
  7. haha reminds me of an incident when I was kid at Salt Fork state park.

    I was with my dad and was pretty young. So young that I wasn't good at casting yet so he had me out in a field with a practice bobber (yellow plastic round lure with a little weight to it) casting over and over. Well, since I wasn't that great I would release to early and instead of flicking the bobber out into the field it would shoot straight up in the air dropping about 10' from my location and about 60' of line with it. Well this attempt was a bit different. Push down the release button, cock the pole back and GO!!! wait a few seconds to see how far I got it but nothing came to the ground? What the heck............. So I turn the crank over to lock the reel and all of a sudden fighting to keep the pole in my hand. Turns out a seagull wasn't happy with me flinging that yellow bobber up in the air and upon attacking it got it wrapped around its foot. I was screaming for my dad to come over. I ended up reeling it in and my dad put on a pair of gloves and got a blanket to cover the seagull while we unwound it from his foot. Wow was that a pissed off bird....
  8. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

    I can still remember snagging a duck in the leg when I was younger. Very weird trying to reel in a flying duck:)

    Me and my fishing buddy finally "landed" the darn thing, removed the hook, then all hell broke loose!

    Seems Mama Duck didn't like me catching her "kid" and started dive bombing us quacking like crazy.

    The Duck lived and seemed fine afterwards, I stayed away from that spot for a good 2 months to let Mama cool down. Hey, I was a youngster :)
  9. iteech

    iteech Shebasser

    Hey Nitro, I grew up in GA and my brothers and male cousins used to do just what you described. They did it in a little light paddle boat, too--they thought it was hilarious fun to get dragged all over the lake at high speed by a furious 600-lb gator. I often wonder if everyone who is 17 or near that is automatically retarded. They are all intelligent professionals now, family men too--they would never do this now, of course. Not once did it occur to any of us that this behemoth could easily overturn that tiny boat and EAT those boys. Ah, to be young and blissfully unaware of natural consequences, and just laughing like crazy all day. If our parents knew we did this, they would have fainted. I am still amazed none of them became a gourmet gator meal. :p
  10. When I was a kid I was fishing with my dad down below Pike Island dam I caught a duck once. We were fishing with shiners on the bottom and I was reeling fast and high to keep my sinker out of the rocks on my way to recast. Subsequently, my shiner was skipping across the top of the water only to have a duck scurry over and bite my shiner and take a size 2 hook to the bill. After struggling to get this duck in my dad put a lock tight grip on it and a rag over its eyes. We popped the hook out and it flew away rather fast. I am sure it was as strange for the duck as it was for us.

    When we used to flathead fish alot we used to get the "bat bites". Bats would be out eating insects and mistake your line for one and fly right into it. A few weeks ago I also had a goose fly into my line while I was carp fishing. Luckily, I had my baitrunner on and all it did was spool off about 30 yds of line and didn't come close to the hook.

  11. Haha! A couple monthes ago I was at CEI and caught 3 seagulls when the shad were around.
  12. Was fishing J. Percy Priest lake outside of Nashville this weekend, two different Herons tried to pick our shad out of lake, got them out of water but never hooked circle hooks. That would be a mess.