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    Hello all,
    Any of you try those plastic gutter covers from lowes\homedepot? the kind im talking about are a plastic with a diamond grid pattern with a screen (think window screen) covering them. I picked one section up to see if they fit ($1.90 for 3 foot), they are supposed to snap onto the gutters. I've asked some peeps before about the name brand ones you hear about all the time now (gutter helmet etc.) and I was told they will cost you more than the gutters. thanks in advance-
  2. I live among mature Hickory and Oak trees which were a BIG gutter problem. Tried several of the do it yourself protective systems and never had that good of success with them. I had Gutter Helmet installed and it works great. Have had them for five years and very happy with them. Only thing wrong is the Company that represents them. They don't know your name after you sign on the line. The installers they use are very qualified but they were not allowed to give me any information which would allow me to contract them directly in the future. Mike Trivassono (sp?) is right about how good the product is but way off base with respect to the representing company.The Helmet as well as the single piece formed on site systems are expensive but do the job and worth their price through the years.

  3. Willy My house sits right in the middle of 30 some mature trees oak,ash hickory maples.Nice location but a lot of work when the wind blows hard and the leafs and acorns in the fall. Over the years i have tryed about every kind of gutter guard except gutter topper ect. the cheapest ones that i found that works is the Vinyal ones that i ordered online,you can now buy them at Home Drpot and i think Lowes. The run $2.99 they look like the more expensive gutter guards,they are solid Vinyal they slide under the first shingle and they have a lip that clips in the outer edge of the gutter they are easy to install they work great and cheep also $$$$$$. i have been useing them around 7 years and am not sorry i bought them also quite a few of the houses around me now have them after they seen how good they work,so you might want to check this type out they work just like the more expensive type.I also have a web site that i will see if i can fid and post it for you. Tight Lines Fishguy
  4. Regardless of promotions, you will still pay a good buck for the product. I looked into it and got the visit and sales pitch. When asking about the "big discount" promotion on the product that was being offered (WTAM radio), they said that it was product only, not labor. The labor is the majority of the bill, so the discount wasn't really that big. Instead of the over 5 grand to do my house with the gutter helmet, I opted to take another route - remove the trees that filled the gutters with leaves for quite a bit less than the gutter helmet price.
  5. Willy Here is the web site i bought mine from I bought the solid vinyal 4 feet long at least you can look at some of the different kinds.[ Dont buy the ones with any holes or diamond pattern the leaf stems and stuff like that will get in your gutters. Good Luck Fishguy
  6. seen some really neat stuff at Ace Hardware, they sell these 8ft strips on "triangular" foam that you actually stuff in your gutter. water flows through, leaves stay on top and get blown away by the wind. they had a video playing there with it in the isle, really neat stuff! if i were a homeowner i'd be all over that stuff.
  7. I installed the metal clip-on 3 ft. long gutter gaurds from Home Depot 3 seasons ago. They have worked out great for me so far.
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  10. Ive been a satisfied customer of Gutter Toppers for 5 yrs now. After they're done with installation you have a lifetime warranty...and not just on the gutter toppers but on every square inch of your existing gutters & downspouts.
  11. i have 5 acres of woods with about an acre "cleared" but still has 50 some mature oaks, hickory, maples on it. I've looked into several different "gutter guards". I've always just bit the bullet and cleaned them out by hand 3 times a year or so. Now that my son's older I can pay him to do it! It's really cheaper to hire a teenager to clean them out then pay the major bucks for a quality system. Downside is, they wont be clean ALL the time but, I backfilled the house with all gravel and live on a hill, so no worries about water in basement.
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    after 10 years of cleaning gutters 2-3x a year, I had professional gutter toppers installed. Haven't been on a ladder since. Those cheap things from HD and Lowes just kept blowing off.
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    actually when we got the place it had the aluminum expanded mesh covers that are bowed up in the middle and they were totally clogged and full of stuff to the top of the gutters, but the mesh size is prob like a quarter inch or so - they sell them at the depot n lowes still. because they are humped up in the middle they held a big pile of sticks and leaves on the roof behind the covers. I was thinking the new ones i was refering to wouldnt "hold" stuff on the roof because they are flat and the combination of the diamond grid plus screen will let the water thru and the leaves blow off, in theory anyway. I dont get the newer almost full covers with the slots, in a downpour wouldnt the rain just wash right over them to the foundation? thanks again all, i will take the section I bought and try it out this weekend if the weather breaks-
  14. Willy The ones with the slots will handle a 5 in. rain i have had no trouble with them. There is also a down lead on the site i put up for you that has these which i also installed they are called wide mouths.They have a rounded leed in on both sides so that every thing flowes in easier they dont plug up.It dosent take much to plug up the small hole on standard gutters these things realy work