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  1. Anybody have any recent reports on Guntersville, I will be heading that way very soon. Thanks,
  2. I have not been down there yet this year, but I to am going in the next couple weeks. Do you fish up lake or down? The fish should be moving shallow(6feet and less) can not go wrong with a trap this time of year, also senko type bait.

    Go to
    then click fishing reports, at top of page, then click AL on the left.
    several good guides post almost daily reports/results:B

  3. First time going myself, I'm joining several friends and were heading down next Thursday for 4 days. Looking forward to it. The guys I'm going with go a couple times every year and fish around the Scottsboro area mostly.
    Thanks for the info.
  4. You want to know what is going on. Simply do what I do. Get to know the camp ground owners. And they will let you know about the bass or crappie bite. They not only here all the fish stories but they get to see what has been brought in.

    I canceled my trip to Guntersville this year to spend time with my brothers trout fishing. So please do not tell me how good the fishing is. I may just cry.
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    Many guides have reported nice reports in the last few days. The water temp is on the rise with solid air temps in the 60's for a week now. The afternoon bite is better than the morning currently as the water warms up. Most fish are moving shallow or at least staging within 100 yards of where they'll be nesting.

    Like mentioned, rattle type lipless cranks in red and metalic shades mostly with Senko type lures effective also. Remember if they're not hitting the straight retrieve on the trap then try ripping it thru the grass as you just tick the top of it. Dont be afraid to tie on the biggest spinnerbait you have also.

    Dont fish the bank like everyone else. Find the first ledge that drops off about 5 feet. The bass move along this ridge like a highway. Very similar to deer in the woods. A slight structure variation along this highway is likely to hold fish.

    Lets us know how you do. I'll be there myself in 2 weeks for 7 days. Any info would help.
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    Tow to the Waterfront ramp. Bait store right across the street. Launch and go left to first cove on left on main river. Large white house on entrance into cove. Large flat on right before entering cove with duck blinds perched on top of flat. Fish stage here before and after spawn. Weeds every year will remain out around 8-12' range. Fish will move back-n-forth from the weeds to the flat. Fished G-ville HARD and by far our most productive area. When spawn is on that cove will be loaded with guides and fish. Ramp will also be crowded so get there early. Waterfront tackle will let you know what the hot bait is. We've gone through hundreds of bags of watermellon lizards and senkos last weeks of March, first week of April. Want to hear reports when get back! Feel free to contact if further info needed.
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    Pigsticker State record bass or bust

    Fished Big G last week. The weather and the bite improved all week. Water temp was 60 almost everywhere as of Saturday. Did better than last year but nothing special. Heres some bad photos.