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  1. I`am looking to change out a couple mossburg 500 shotgun stocks and forearms from wood to camo,is this somethingthats easy to to do? or should I leave it to a gunsmith.
  2. How nice are the guns? Condition that is? New I imagine you can get one for $300? camo that is
    or the other option is to buy the heat shrink stuff from cabelas and do it yourself to the whole gun.
    I know that anytime I pay a visit to my gunsmith, I am lucky if I leave with him only getting $150 from
    As far as doing it yourself, that all depends on your tools and handy abilities. Not sure how much the stocks are.
    If the guns are not in great shape, try painting them with that camo spray.
    Just a thought

  3. I found the camo stock and forearm for 45.00 and just thought it would be a nice way to do away with the scratched up wood finish and give them a new look.
  4. I would give it a try!
  5. I would think it would be something you could do fairly easy.
  6. 1977 walleye guy

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  7. I have taken mine apart before to clean, not a diffacult thing to do just have never messed with or looked to see how the wood is attached to the reciever,I will find out.
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    On most shotguns you remove the buttplate and there is one screw that holds the stock to the reciever. You may need a long screwdriver
  9. 1977 walleye guy

    1977 walleye guy Addicted Outdoorsman

    Some like orlando said takes a long flat bladed screw driver to remove the screw that holds it, on some guns it's a nut that requires a socket and extention. just remove your butt plate an take a look with a flashlight.
  10. Hardest part of breaking down a 500 is getting that trigger assembly back in. Its a tight fit around the back end of the shell stop/grabbers but it will go after a few tries if you hit it just right. This is my problem when I take it apart, everything else is cake.

    I will watch that video posted and hopefully they have a tip on fitting that trigger back in.

    Mine takes a long screwdriver after the buttplate is removed, the pistol grip takes a socket.

    I think you have to strip the gun down to get the forearm off. It is easy to break down, minus what I said above.
  11. Sometimes the after market forearms dont fit perfectly and require some trimming. You wont know until you break it down though. I would suggest taking it to a gunsmith if it does not fit properly and let him trim it. I would definately give it a try though before you take it to somone and make sure it is going to need trimmed. good luck