Gun Season = Snow?

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  1. OK. Here we go. About a week and a half till opening day and looks like we may get snow on the ground for the opener. It's still too far out to say for sure, but the computer models have been showing this possibility now for over a week and the evidence is getting stronger. Take a look:

    This is a government computer forecast model for Nov. 26 (Opening Day):


    To explain the map...obviously the green is precipitation. The orange and blue lines represent temperature in Celsius at appoximately 5000 ft above sea level, where most precipitation forms. You'll notice the orange line is 10c or 50f. The blue line that runs through Tennessee represents 0c or 32f, right at freezing point. Most importantly, the line that clips northern Ohio represents minus 10c or 14f. So it appears we are in for decent precipitation with all of Ohio below least at 5000 feet.

    At least we won't be wearing T-shirts this year.
  2. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Anything has got to be better than last year, sweated my butt off :D

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    maybe you all will get lucky and have an opener like i did in 78.
    was scouting in tee shirt over the weekend and woke up monday morning to -10 temps,10 inches of fresh snow and 30 mph winds:eek:
    as luck would have it,i killed my first deer that day:)
    had the nice eight pointer hanging and was sitting in the cozy camper sipping hot coffee by 9 a.m. :D
    spent the rest of the week in the camper while my buddy stomped the woods alone and froze his butt off, only to come home empty handed.
  4. I'm just curious, but could you post a link to the site you used to get this info. I'm always interested in weather maps due to my involvement in the outdoors. Here's a link I use and it looks more like 30's to 40's for the week of gun , with average precip.

    Either way, it shouldn't be to warm or to cold, ...... just right. Big question is what will the winds do.
  5. They are posted by a weatherman here in Lexington, KY on his blog page. He usually posts them everyday throughout the week at around 1-2pm along with commentary. Here's the link:
  6. By the way, it looks like it will mainly be a cold rain now coming in on Tuesday the 27th and not snow. The snow storm predicted around Thanksgiving looks like it may happen, but the bulk will be west of Ohio.