Gun re-finishing ?

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  1. Anyone on here do any DIY gun re-finishing? I started to re-blue an older Mossberg 500. I used a cold bluing kit by perma blue. The barrel and magazine tube came out great. I didn't realize before I started that the receiver is aluminum. You cant blue aluminum. Anyone got any ideas? I guess I could just paint it but would that hold up when you put gun oil on it? I was thinking of having it powder coated but I really dont want to drop that kind of money. What you guys think?
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    i have a matching pair of single shot ithacas(a .22 & a 20 gauge) that i want to re-blue.i called ithaca and they told me what you have said,that the reciever can't be re-blued.they told me that painting was the best option.

  3. Just an FYI, I as well thought powder coating was expensive, but it isn't. I had two bumpers that I built (custom off-road jobs, real heavy) coated in black for $40 total. Place was up near Painesville. Thought you may want to check on powder coating after all.

  4. Thanks for the replys guys. I went the painting route. Just polished the aluminum, degreased it, used an aluminum primer and black spray paint. It looks really good now. It will take some time to see if it holds up to use. Thanks again for the comments.