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  1. I have an old Marlin Goose Gun. It has a 40" barrel on it. Any thoughts. I am going to give goose hunting a try and I am not sure if I would be better off with something more suited to duck or if the old goose gun would be good.

    It is in excellent shape and I have shot it a few times and it has been flawless however I am not sure how important camo is on a goose gun and not sure if a 40" barrel is over kill (pardon the pun)
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    40" barrel forces you to swing, rather than more effective at holding a pattern

  3. It should work out just fine long as you shoot a round that is barrel friendly.
    Steel shot will thin the choke out over time.
    I swing a big ole 10 gauge and it drops'em like fly's.
    A couple of friends call it the black hole.