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  1. We've been over this before, but I have never caught a darn thing on GULP. I've tried just about every variety, including the new grub/minnow Gulp Alive and I've never caught anything. We have bass, perch, walleyes and crappies in this lake and I can catch them all at times, but never with GULP!

    The only reason I'm bringing this up is that on some threads guys use it and catch a lot of fish. For me it just doesn't work as well as jigs, minnows, spinners and worms. In fact, it doesn't work at all. Might just be me.:S
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    I have not caught anything on it either so do not feel bad. I have the minnow, night crawler, corn, and chicken liver...nothing on any of them.

  3. Gulp worms are the only plastic I even attempt to use on the bottom. The shaky worms seem to work really well on a carolina rig and the turtle backs are wondrous texas rigged. My personal preference of late is the black with red flake that I think they call Junebug. I had a 5 pounder hooked up that I lost at the bank this past week that hit a Cherryseed (bright bright red) turtleback worm.
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    I returned the tub that i bought from GM after i tried using them for perch on Erie. Perch were biting everything we used but the gulp. Too much money to waste on something that didn't produce. On another note, The stuff in the bag works good for me. The minnows are a little big so i cut an inch off the head. I do the same with the twistertails. The crappies over here love them. Even got a walleye on them at Pymy.
  5. I have caught walleye on the Gulp 3 inch leech. I used it on a jig hook and a crawler harness. I have not used any other of the Gulp offerings.
  6. I think I'll pick a day when the fish are really hitting and then see if they work. So far, no luck with them at all.
  7. I have caught plenty of fish on Gulp! I have used the alive minnows, gulp minnows, and various worms. I have caught smallmouth, walleye, perch, sheephead, and largemouth. Unfortunately, the sheephead like it better than any other fish. Bass fishing, i prefer berkley powerbait over gulp.
  8. I wonder what I'm doing wrong since it doesn't work for me?:confused:
  9. I've caught bass and bluegill on the Gulp Alive Emerald Shiners, on a drop shot rig. My wife cleaned up on bull bluegill with the Gulp earthworms under a slip float.
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    well i tried the small can of the gulp maggots and used them for bluegill and i can barley relax when im using them cause they go right after it but i havent tried any other gulp products
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    Used the Gulp in the tourney last weekend - thought we were taking a huge leap to try it in the tourney - but we caught some nice fish on it.