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    I was just curious to see how well the Gulp minnows actually work b4 i purchase any. If they are anything like Gulp maggots then they're a waste of money.:( :) And if they do work, what methods work best with them?
  2. I fish them quite a bit and they will catch fish. I like tossing them on mid lake humps with an 1/8 oz jig head, count them down and just use a straight slow retrieve. Seems they work as often as they don't. Most of my success came in the hotter months. I can usually get 3 or 4 fish on one minnow before the get too torn up. Catfish in our local lake REALLY seem to like them. Sometimes a color switch helps, changing head/minnow color, glow head/no glow or head weight. If you decide to try a couple different colors, get one in the (more expensive) tub. When you change out colors throw the used one in the tub and it will soak up more scent so it can be used again. One I haven't tried yet that I keep thinking about are the leeches.


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    in the spring i wade mosquitos shore, i did use jig-n-minny. no more, jig-n-"gulp" minny or jig-n-"gulp"twister tail. i can use the same one over and over. no need to get cold, wet hands rebaiting all the time, i even got to the point of wearing gloves:) . i out fish the diehards most of the time. well worth the money in my opinion. if i want to go fishing before work for a little bit, no need to go to the bait store and drop a few dollars on minnys that i usually give away. bait is always on hand.
  4. I use the Gulp Maggots when fishing for gills and Rock Bass. When the bite gets slow I dip them in Chartruese garlic dye! The minnows produce very well on a drop shot rig! I'm saving the rest of mine for my next trip to Mother Erie for those Smallies. My luck though the Sheep heads will like them too. Anyway give those maggots another shot when blugill fishing. :B
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    I used them heavily in July up on Lake Champlain. Sprayed them with shad LPT spray and fished them on a leadheaded jig. Caught several nice small mouth with them and the big bluegills just went wacko over them. I carry several packs with me anytime I'm out.
  6. I have done really well with gulp minnows on a harness trolling at indian lake. I have also had succes tipping a crankbait treble with an eraser sized piece of gulp nightcrawler.
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    Thanks for all the tips so far I appreciate them.