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  1. Curious of others experience with Gulp products. I have never used them and wondered if you all think they're worth the extra money compared to other plastics.
  2. I don't know about the gulp alive put the older style gulp has been a waste of time for me on the lake i normally fish. No comparison between catchs on live crawlers and gulp, live crawlers win there.

    They must be working somewhere though from everything i read. If i ever use up the couple bags i have i may try the new gulp alive.

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    Up in Canada in early July, we jigged for walleye in the evenings in one of our known hotspots. Caught fish after fish on live leeches & crawlers, my daughter (who won't touch a leech & isn't too fond of worms either) put on a gulp alive leech.......We continued to catch & release walleyes all evening, while she only boated one walleye. I've just not had the results that they claim in the advertising..................That's the only fish we ever caught on gulp........they mouth it & spit it out quick...............I guess you just have to be fast .........!! :confused:
  4. I gave a pack of white gulp alive 3" minnows to my son to use on a neighbors pond. He caught 11 fish including a 4# channel cat while his cousin only caught 1 fish using other baits...That was his first experience with Gulp and he's a believer..I hasn't tried it yet and he won't give it back....
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    Ive had great results on the 3" minnow grub, 4" and 7" turtleback worm, and 3" crawdads. Chartreuse, green pumpkin, and tequila sunrise have been the great colors for me so far. I picked up a BUNCH of 5 for $5 plastic bait grab bags at Gander a while back. Each had 3 GULP bags in them.

    Now GULP is not my initial go to lure, but when the dead of summer fish drought had kicked in and the bite is finiky, GULP had always helped me produce more fish than my buddies. I cannot atest to this $20/jar GULP live minnow crap. For that much it better jump on the hook itself and be programed to find its way into the largest bass' mouth!
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    I've always wondered if gulp contains calories. If it does it's no different than using live bait as far as I'm concerned.

    There will only be more and more of this crap coming out in the future and at some point the bass tourneys are gonna have to draw the line. I mean are blended up fish held together with polymer still considered a lure?

    I bought some when it was $1. Works great on catfish.
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    Was steelhead fishing in NEO 2 years ago when we ran out of our hairjigs and maggots. I switched to spawn sacs while my buddy put on a GULP grub using the same setup. He landed the next 2 steelies. So if its good enough for trout...
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    Nope... the stuff don't work. As a matter of fact, the next time you guys see it on the shelves, just keep on walking...let someone else buy it.;) :D

    (Would someone leave me ONE bag of GULP! crawlers somewhere?!!:( )
  9. it works.... but than again only the bait thats in the water the most has the highest precentage of hook ups...

  10. As good as live bait? Close, depending on what type.

    Better than plastics? Oh yeah.

    My favorites:the minnow grubs and split tail minnow
  11. Buick Riviera

    Buick Riviera Willows and bass go together like beer and pizza.

    I've wondered the same thing.

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    I've never used the stuff in freshwater but they rock in salt. Redfish and specks eat the 3" shrimp in the New Penny color. Molting is a great color too. I tried the crabs with little success but the shrimp under a popping cork in the mangroves or reeds work great. Plus, they're tough as nails and you can catch several fish on a bait before it starts to look ragged. They're "expensive" until you buy 5 dozen live shrimp and run out in 2 hours of fishing. Then they're a great buy. :)

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    I have been a believer for a while now. I regularly use the 7" GULP worms but I recently bought a jar of the maggots and have caught gills, crappie, and even a few pencil perch. Why drive at least 20min to the nearest bait store to get some waxworms for my boy when I can just keep the jar in my box and we can go at the drop of a dime.
  14. Have used Gulp Alive! for crappie, perch, and walleye. Sometimes the Gulp will work better than the Real McKoy and sometimes just the opposite. A lot has to do with your presentation of the artificial to make it look alive.
  15. Thanks. I bought some of the sinking nminnows I'm going to try on erie this weekend.