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    Anyone used Berkley's Gulp Alive yet? If so is it worth 20.00 bucks?
  2. I tried some of the shrimp at the outer banks on vacation last fall I was very impressed actually the saltwater fish ate it and it last ..Yeah Its worth it

  3. a1deerhunter

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    Thanks I will try it out.
  4. i used the shrimp on a backwater guide and the sea trout were tearin it up
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    I went to Bass Pro today for the fishing classic. It seems that even at $19.99 they are having trouble keeping Gulp! ALIVE in stock. Since it's virtually brand new around here it has sure got some good press or word of mouth or something. I got a tub because I was burning up a gift card - probably wouldn't have dropped $20.00 cash on it. I do wish they had something more like a regular nightcrawler instead of saltwater sandworms and other minnow baits. I'm going to dunk some other styles of Gulp in the tub to see what happens. There's no reason it shouldn't do fine and there is a lot of liquid in that tub. I'm pretty tired of feeding live nightcrawlers to the Perch and Kitties on C.J. so I'm going to try to use Gulp! a lot of more this year. It probably will work if I can be a patient and not give up too soon.

    I'll let you know.

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  6. Doctor

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    What's that Mike, your tired of feeding the Kittys on CJ, Naw never will happen, just think of them as walleyes with whiskers:D:D:D.................Doc
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    Doc, as long as you keep releasing the bigguns they seem to insist on making bunches of little'uns. A ten inch Channel can still put a nasty hole in your hand too.

  8. Iwas talking with a person who works at Berkley and in April they are coming out with a 2 inch minnow buckets in 4 or 5 different designs you can choose.
    One is Shiner which I placed an order for when it is released.
    I think it would be interesting to see if it would work with perch fishing, for it never fails in the fall when the perch are heavy, shiners become very hard to obtain.
    What a thought it would be if this up coming 2 inch bait could do just as good.
    I will give it a try.
    Good Fishing,
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    Tried it on the O for sauger the last few years, worked really well, even hooked up with a few walleyes.
  10. I am too am looking forward to trying some of the leech and Shiners on Lake Erie here this comming season...

  11. Last fall I was perchin on Lake erie and ran out of minnows and had gulp 3 inch minnows, put them on perch rig and...........nada, no bites what so ever:(
  12. I've used powerbait before and I never noticed that much of a difference over the other plastics I usually use. I can usually do as well with a Culprit as with a powerbait worm. I do want to try the 2" gulp minnows to see if they deliver like I've been hearing.
  13. I used it for steelhead yesterday and only had one hit with it. I can't really say I've given it enough of a chance yet.
  14. Saw Hank Parker catchin a bunch of cats at a fishin derby today on t.v. usin that Gulp...........LOL....................Rich
  15. I will tell you all how I do with the leeches and minnows when I get back from NE Ontario this June. My father in law and I picked up a bucket of each to try.
  16. I used some 2 1/2 inch or 3 inch gulp and powerbait minnows on a dropshot rig for perch this last year on erie on one rod and I used a spreader with shiners on another rod. I know its hard to believe but I caught more fish on the berkley baits. It was at least a two to one catch rate.
  17. ....JimG.....In your post you said you had a friend who works for Berkley and they were comming out with a 2 in....Gulp Alive....Keep in touch with him and post as soon as they come out with it....Would like to try it this spring with the Crappies.....Later Guy
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  18. You got it, I'll give a big shout out when mine arrives.

    Happy Easter all,
  19. ....HI There JimG...I don't think you will believe me ...but here goes...Was watching In-Fisherman this evening at 9:30 and they were fishing for my favorite CRAPPIE'S.....using a two hook system and when Doug Stangie was showing his rig....he picked up a bucket of Berkly Gulp Alive and said he was using 2 in. Minnow Grub.... I was glad I recorded it played it back 3 times to make sure I heard him right...That is what he said.....What do you think...Later
    P.S. Sure looked like a super bait..Have to have it...:p
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  20. I guess sometime in April the latest additions to the gulp alive minnows are to be released.
    Yes, I look forward to giving the shiner one a try out.

    Just got back from the Land Between the Lakes on Kentucky Lake side and had to wet a line for those crappies. Two out of three days did good.

    Yesterday I was able to pull my first crappie out of Sandusky Bay, still early yet ,but it was nice to feel the tug. I figure Pre-Spawn this coming weekend if we get sun and lots of it.

    The water around Sandusky is muddy yet and the water temp. is still way cold, but once in a while this early you get lucky.

    I'll shout out as soon as my bucket arrives.