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  1. For anybody who has or does play it , does the game come with the music tracks or can you use any music or song with it ? I was considering buying guitar hero as a christmas present but not if you are limited to only the songs they give you.
  2. Yonder-It comes with songs choices as far as I know and it's harder than playing a real guitar!:p


  3. I have GH2, and it has about 45 or so famous songs, and another 15 or 20 from groups I have never heard of.

    GH3 just came out and it has around 80 famous songs. I don't know if it has any other tracks from random groups or not.

    And playing a real guitar is harder than playing on a toy guitar.
  4. Oh yea, you cannot load any songs onto the system either. I would still recommend buying it because it takes a long time to be able to play a song all the way through on hard. You will still get several months of use out of the game.

    I bought mine in July and still play it here and there. My guitar is partially broken ( I say its a mfr. defect). That is the only knock I have on the game.
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    Normal PS2 you're stuck with the songs that come with the game. I'd personally rank them like this.... Best..GH2 Next..GH3 Then..80's Least Favorite GH1. GH2 has Freebird, very fun and addicting song to play! There are ways to download other songs of your choice if you have a "loaded" PS2 with a hard drive. Just look on Youtube, you'll see a ton of sweet songs people have downloaded and actually play. Jimmy Hendricks playing the star spangled banner is one of my favorites. Definately recommend this game though, I never played a guitar or had any interest in guitar and this is the BEST game or series of games I have ever purchased.
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    Wife got us this game for Christmas with the wireless is this game fun:D
  7. see if i'm picturing this right? is this something like playing the air guitar but you have to play a play guitar?
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    Guitar is around 36" and has 5 colored buttons,strum bar and a whammy bar. Very addicting game. You gotta hit the colored buttons as they fall and strum at the same time.

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    I never thought I'd like it but man it ROCKS!!! Jessica by the Allman Bros is tough and I never thought Heart Shaped Box would be as tough as it is. The chord progression and tempo changes are tough to follow, but hey I'm a rookie with this game. My 10 year old "jams" and is moving right up the levels he looks like a pro with his jumping around while playing.
  10. I was over to a friends house on New Years Eve and there 7yr old plays most songs on the hard setting and doesnt miss many notes either, myself I find it hard on the easy setting:eek:
  11. My kids got GH 3 for the Wii and I get booed off the stage. They however are getting pretty good.
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    I just got GH3 for Wii the other day. This is the first of the series I have played. Most of the song selections are just great... some not so much. Great game though, I'm getting carpal tunnel in my fretting hand just thinking about it. I'm gonna rock out as soon as this game is over till my wife makes me go to bed.
  13. I have 5 guitars , Guitar Hero 1,2,3 and even a different Japaneese version
    I take the guitars apart custom paint them and still struggle with some of the easier songs on the medium levels....I suck believe me

    I just got Rockband and I suck even worse at that but these game have provided hours upon hours of entertainment for me, my girlfriend , friends and my nieces and nephew who range in age from 3 yrs to 16 yrs old.
  14. realy now you can load song but it takes hours of time you have to git this on program and you can rewite the game and put new songs on its incredable i have played many dif songs like red hot chilly peppers and a bunch of dif bands that the game does not come with like my friend put like 5 dif songs from dragonforce on gh2 yea your gonna think i am crazy but my friend has like 3 dif cds with all new songs he put on it and it is way harded than the normal song that come with it like it pretty hard to explain it but their are ton of things on it on you tube just look it up