Guilford lake help

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  1. I will be doing some camping at Guilford lake and wondered if anyone has had any luck there. I will be mainly fishing for catfish, but I'll try for bass as well. Any info is greatly appreciated.
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    We camped there last year and may this year yet. I just live about 7 miles from it so we go quite a bit. Cat fishing there ispretty good lots of keepers and quite a few in the 5-10 pound group. Some large bass but you have to work for them. Mostly docks droup offs and such. lLota crappy and gills but usally on the small side. Well good Luck and enjoy.

  3. Thanks for the info. I am looking forward to going.
  4. Try fishing near the spillway for cats. Drop a nice hunk of chicken liver or a big crawler to the bottom and just wait. Good luck!