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Guild Wars

Discussion in 'Computing & Gaming Discussions' started by Rod&Reel, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. I was just wondering if anybody here has it or has played it? I have read on it and it sounds like a great game, plus it is free to play online. I was looking at the box at Wal-Mart and the graphics look sweet (but we all know thats not what counts). I am thinking about getting it before I get Battlefield 2 (I have way tomany FPS as it is).
  2. Iron_Chef_CD

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    Played the beta R&R and to be honest wasn't impressed at all...

    The thing that got me was that it was billed as an mmo or action mmo and it was nothing like any mmo I played. To me it was diablo with a 3d waiting room. You would go to a main area wait until you joined up with 5 people or your friends then warped to an instance where no one but those five people were there. I like the feel of a real mmo where you can be by your self or with your group and see any of the 10,000 other people that play the game at any time no matter where you are.

    The only time you can see more than your 5 or 6 (can't remember the group limit) member party was when you were either in a town, waithing for you group to form, or pvping where you would see an opposing group of the same size. In short if you liked diable then this may be for you, after all it was developed by most of the original diablo team. If you like a real mmo where you can go to towns, dungeons or anywhere in the world and see any player on your server if they happen to be in your area it's probably not for you.

    My bro who is a video game connoisseur and said a few things were going to be added but it will remain mostly the same. Currently I've been playing wow since beta and really like it. It took a short time to max lvl my charactor and I only play a few days out of the month any more and I'm still in the mix, unlike eq and all its clones. Truthfully though, I haven't played it but maybe an hour since I got BF2 :D

    When we going to team up and kick some BF2 a$$ R&R :)

  3. I love BF2!! I'd get that over Guild Wars. I have a buddy thought that plays guild wars and really likes it. He plays with a clan and they team up on adventures. Me, i'm stuck on BF2 until something better comes out.
  4. I plan on getting BF2, but I have enough FPS to hold me over for a long time. I have Soldier of Fortune 2 (I play this the most), Unreal tournament 2004, Battlefield Vietnam, Doom 3, Farcry, Call of Duty, Halo, Ghost Recon, and Rainbow six 3. I have more games than that, but those are my FPS. So you can see why I aint to antsie to ran out and buy yet another FPS. I as sure it is a great game, but I would like to try a different game type for a bit before I go out and by BF2. I had my own clan and may start it back up in the future, but until then, I think I will stay clan free. I even put in time making the site with notepad from scratch. I still have the site, but not the host. In otherwords I have the site I made on my pc waiting to be used again, but you can't see it by going to the web address because it's close down. The clan was called "Shut Up and Die". Maybe I will start it up for BF2 once I get it, who knows.
  5. I have guild wars and now only occasionally play it. I do think its an awesome game though, and a lot of fun. I too am "in a clan" but the clan mostly plays fps, and my system can't handle bf2, the only game they are really playing right now. We have a few in guild wars, but they bought it a week ahead of me and are way past me experience-wise. Not to mention, I got used to using Teamspeak to communicate and for some reason nobody uses it for guildwars in our clan so its not as fun. Not to mention, I spend most of my free-time fishing in the summer. Heck i may play it a little tonite since you got me interested again, I usually play as mercyful fayte (someone else had the original name), a necro. If they ever make halo 2 pc (they seriously better make it!!) we will all have to get together on TS and play. I was/is an original halo addict, and the xbox does nothing for me in comparison.