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  1. wyhunt

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    I have a 16ft sea nyph and it dose not have any guide-ons and ihave been trying to decide to go with the roller or the board style. I would appreciate
    any info.
  2. dmills4124

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    Definatly go with the roller. I have a 30 year old Terry 19 foot bass boat that is a real heavy boat for a bass boat. In the wind or just back wash from other people loading thier boats it makes it simple for my wife anf myself to load. I have loaded it by my self without any sweat. makes it quick and easy. Spend the bucks. They also raise your tail light aboe the water level so you don't have bulbs to replace when you forget to unplug or they get wet.
    hope this helps. If you send me an email addy I'll send pics of them on my trailer with the boat
    don m

  3. Buick Riviera

    Buick Riviera Willows and bass go together like beer and pizza.

    I have the rollers with raised tail lights on my tin rig and really like them. Loading became 100% easier, especially in a cross wind.

  4. ezbite

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    i got the bunk type, got them off some dude on ebay. they are heavy duty and made loading easier amd loading alone a breeze.
  5. I recommend the roller type also. If the ramp is steep, you can still get a good bearing on where the back of the trailer is (each side) when driving the boat up on the trailer. Definately makes trailering easier!