Guess what I saw?

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  1. While walking yesterday down by the boat stakes at Mogadore, my 4 month old husky pup started barking while looking at the water. I came up over a ridge and low and behold, out about 75yards off the boatstakes were two ICE fisherman!
    They said the ice was 4 inches. They caught a half dozen perch and about the same number of bg. No real size. But I thought they were crazy. I also thaught the ice season was over! ....anyone else still ice fishing?
  2. LOL that's great! thanks for my first good laugh of the day!:C :C :C :C :C :C

  3. Thats insane I cant beleve that theres still 4 in any where
  4. WOW 4in of soft ice!!! that's crazy. we'll read about them in the news tommorrow. hopefully not though... but i can't say i havent done it my self. younger n dumber.
  5. Wife and I did walk this morning, same fisherman....or holes in the ice. I think they made it off safely. CRAZY!!
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    I had 5 or 6 guys stop in for bait yesterday. Some went ice fishing and some fished open water.The kicker is they were all fishing within 10 miles from each other in the Shalersville-Mantua area.............Mark
  7. I know Ive done it on Skeeter. Iced up on the dam but not off the Cem. Crazy to think we could be in a boat one week and on ice the next.
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    As they say......takes all kinds......This stage of my live........finds me liking my ice this time of the year (in a tall tumbler ) with other refreshment poured over it. And with that said....... I remember that I swam alot better in cold water ( when I was in my 20eeees).......Just the thought of going in at my age......oh well thats another story........Thanks joerugz....for the storie of the day........Jon sr.