Groundhog sees shadow

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Marshall, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. Marshall

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  2. but it's going to be 50deg this tuesday. sure he didn't just see another groundhog? :( lol

  3. LOL that darn groundhog!!

    Today I am packing all the ice stuff away..... Pulled the jon boat in the garage, fired up the heater, and building my ladue rig! Looked at the Columbus forecast for the next 2 weeks....I see 61,53, this week, and 4 days of 50's for the following. Case closed for me as far as climate change. The coldest month of the year is looking like Spring to me.. I know I will see snow in April, and the cold days are still moving through, but when I see 6 days out of 14 in February over 50 degrees. That tells me that there's no need to winterize anything!!!! It's going to be early BASSIN this year for me. Now I have to get back to the garage....

    U stinkin Groundhog!!! BLAH!!!
  4. ezbite

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    LOL, thats good.

    i was listening to the local forcast this morning at work for this comming week and i swear i hear the dude say it was going to be 77 wednesday..

    the groundhog is an idiot. spring time is here baby...time to replace the impeller and repack the bearings.
  5. mrphish42

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    Hey guys... you got to love that groundhogs ability of forcasting... If he sees his shadow,.. we will have six more weeks of winter and If he does "not" see it, we will only have 42 more days of winter. Got to love that formula.... go figure... for sure Jon Sr.
  6. reelmanly

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    i dont believe him, let it thaw ,my HOG lake needs a workin over, and soon as the ice is off I'm out on it, those who know me and about the lake do not hesitate to call/mail me. Bring on the 50's, Im like Smallie, the ice stuff is shelved. Couldn't find nothing so called safe this morning.