Ground Hogs

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  1. OK, besides the twelve gauge is there away to get rid of these pest . every year they move in around my barn.
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    Use Traps or snares they work 24 hours a day until there is a catch or they are tripped ! They are getting ready to drop liiters, It's better to deal with them now then when they have their young!! Hope this helps.

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    Had two ground hogs in by back yard. Bought one of those have a heart traps from home depot. 4 days, 2 apples, and 1 bag of carrots later, no more groundhogs.
  4. Hav-a-hart always struck me as being an ironic name when I usually end up dropping it and the critter in garbage can full of water.
  5. Anything wrong with a Ruger 10/22? My favorite ;)


    I got 10 last year with the bow and 1 with the air rifle. I am giving them time to recover and breed before I begin hunting "town hogs" again.
  7. [quote="EYE" DOCTOR;624620]I got 10 last year with the bow and 1 with the air rifle. I am giving them time to recover and breed before I begin hunting "town hogs" again.[/quote]
    Don't wait too long because that number will grow in a hurry.;) A few years back I made the mistake of neglecting the normal control method of hunting them and they went nuts on my place. They were digging up next to the house, under the barns, and anywhere else you could imagine. I decided I needed to wage war against them so I started trapping them with 220 conibears (4 of them) for about a month. I ended up with 70 in total. The next year I got around 40. I try to stay on them as much as possible hunting them so that I never go through that again.:eek:

    Just so you know it is technically illegal to trap them with 220 conibears but the odd thing it that our local Quality Farm and Fleet and TSC always displayed signs saying "Groundhog Traps". I just would not go broadcasting to everyone that I had the traps out. I know I just broadcast my ordeal but I no longer have them out.:D But the bottom line is unless you have a ton of time to devote to hunting them there is just no way you can match the results of the traps.;)
  8. It is a lot of work but I ended up burying some old metal around my front porch because for some reason I had a few of them that always wanted to try and get underneath it. I buried it once but it was not deep enough so I ended up putting it in about 1.5 feet deep and then bending at a right agle outward and extending another 8-10 inches. They kept wanting to dig right up next to the metal and without the angled piece they didn't stop going. This sounds like too big of a project to do around an entire barn but it is something to consider in a smaller area.
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    Sure! There is the 10 gauge (overkill possibly!), 20 gauge, 16 gauge, .410. Also in the rifle family, there is the .17 hm2, .17hmr, .22lr, .22wmr, and on up. Any of these will work fine!

    Exactly what do you guys do with these after they are trapped? Do you let them go somewhere else?

  10. Years ago at the place where I worked they had a groundhog problem on the property and the maintenance supervisor had directed one of his employees to trap them (live trap). This supervisor was somewhat of an animal rights guy so he told him that once he caught them to take them out of town somewhere and let them go.:rolleyes: The employee having grown up around the farm knew the value of having groundhogs on your property (that's right, there is none ;) ). So he did as the supervisor instructed. He let them go in the country but let's just say they didn't go very far.;)

    I was just taking the ones I got way back in the field and tossing them for whatever was hungry. There were a couple of weeks where it looked like I had every buzzard in the county hanging out in my fields.:p
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    ...they were killed after they were trapped. It didnt' make any sense to me to trap them and then release them for someone else to have problems with.

  12. In the case of catching groundhogs I think the main advantage of a live trap is that you ensure that you do not kill anything other than the targeted rodent (cats, raccoon, etc.).
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    I live trap em all the time. I just take and and release them at BKR43050s place:) A couple yrs ago I took about 60 out there in one month? The next yr I only took about 30. They must have plenty of room cause no matter how many I take there I never seem to see them?
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    I use Snares all the time on them you can get them comming or going out of their hole.What I really like about the snare is you don't have to bait a cage trap and wait for them to go for the bait. The snare holds the animal without killing it as long as there is no entanglement situation IE: Sapling,Fence and so forth. They are cheap and easy to use.Please feel free to email me for directions on how to build your own or I also sell them!
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    I personally use snares, make my own. They are lethal, just watch the skunks:S :(

    You can also use a road flare and toss it down in the hole and then proceed to fill in all the entrances. The flare will burn until all of the oxygen in the hole is gone, Hard for Mr. Groundhog to live on Carbon Monoxide.:p
  16. And here I have been spending my time trying to figure out how those little critters bred that many.:D:p

    I hope you didn't want them back.:p