Griggs warning!!

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  1. for all you boaters that go to Griggs.....they have sealed off all the boat docks. the water level is just way too low there.
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    Should be a remarkable differance in water level come tomorrow morning :)


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    I can guarantee you high water will be the problem now.
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  5. Also, acklac7 - Could you give me a link to the site where you go that graph...I'd like to research it further.

  6. Maybe it's a combination of the low rain levels and the lowering of the resevoir for winter/spring flood control purposes -- the same way they do it for Alum Creek? Not sure, just guessing. Although it is lower (well, was this time last week) that I had seen Griggs before...
  7. They do this about once a's seems weird to me. The only thing that I can figure is that they only have 2 ways to set the valve/gates @ the dam: Open or closed. There doesn't seem to be any middle ground.
  8. I was there on Sat and fished with somebody who knows. Trust me he knows. He thinks that they dropped Griggs to work on the wood flash boards at the top of the dam. I work just minutes from there and at 11:00 this morning Griggs is now full.

    BTW did catch a few small smallies and several nice rock bass. Going back again on Sat.
  9. I talked to Officer West of the Columbus Police (he is the patrol oficer you see on Griggs) and the water was removed by the city because of the work being done on the lowhead damn that you can see from 670. The city needed the water since the lowhead damn area has been drained to do the work.
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  11. Does anyone know if they opened the southern public ramps?
  12. Wow I drove over Griggs today and after fishing it Saturday I can tell you it looks as if it went up about 4ft since saturday!
  13. Given the water flow, and if the ramps are back open, do you think it would it be fishable Wednesday?
  14. Looks fishable to me
  15. Ramps are open water is up lots of trash in the water and plenty of tight lipped fish holding to the banks in 10-15 fow. Not much catching. Brian
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    definately fishable, a good current and not too high.
  17. Looks like Sunday should be great weather for fishing - sunny, high 50's - so I plan on hitting the water and finding those crappies like last weekend. After frying up my catch earlier this week, it's time to 'go back to the store.' When it was windy last week, I caught all mine on jig with twister tail. Thinking about using minnows. Anyone do anything noteworthy lately, even with the higher/muddy waters?
    Also, any places nearby that have minnows?