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Griggs spillway

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by texasbassman, Aug 26, 2004.

  1. I just returned from the spillway for about the 10th time w/ no luck.. Ive tried jigs ,craws, worms, spinners,& have yet to even get a bite above or below the spillway What the heck am i doin wrong.. Help me out guys..
  2. You just have to be there at the right time! When is that who knows. There are nice s-eyes in there but they are very finicky. Before sun up and after sun down typically are the best times. Put your self down there at the right time and you might get one of these :cool: Oh yeah try throwing some crank baits. Rouges, Huskey Jerks etc.....................


  3. Thx captn, i havent tried it before or after dark yet. Ill have to give it a shot. What are they bitin' on??
  4. that's one of my favorite places. keep trying you'll get something. try gigs.
  5. Thx for the tip Harry,, i wont give up yet,, maybe we'll meet up out there some time
  6. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Welcome here to our site. I fish Griggs and O'Shaugnessy as much or more than most anyone on here. Let me tell you it's not anything your doing. Both places as well as most of the State has been extra tough this year. Don't give up! They will bite. Late fall below both Griggs and O'Shaugnessy are a blast. Your doing things right, now if the fish would only agree.
  7. I wouldnt have to take 200+ crank baits down there. You never know, but my favorite is a wonder bread bomber :D :cool:
  8. THS 4 the vote of confidence DALE,, ill keep tryin'.....
  9. Wonder Bread Bomber,,,,,,,,,, havnt resorted to that yet,,, hahaha
  10. one thing ive learned about these fish. You got to resort to whatever they want! I used to think that a bait is a bait. But they dont think that way. Example that night i caught those 2 fish on the wonderbread, lost one that was bigger than the one we netted. My buddy throwin beside me, same rod/reel retrive everything he got nothn. But he wasnt thrown what they wanted.

    Was on Erie in the spring. Cptn calls and says, " Bring some purple hair jigs" We laughed at him. Didnt have 1 purple jig or twister in my box. Dont you know we spent 40$ on purple jigs and knocked em dead. My bro was stubern at first. Throwin the orange jig/yellow twister. After about 20 min of us catchn and him not, he tied one on and we limited out.

    Is there a method to the maddness? No, what they bite on today, wont touch tomorrow. Just get a good variety of colors, lenghts, types etc...... and you will get on fish one day! Just got to pay the dues, cause it can deffinatley pay off!

    Good Luck and shoot me an email if you wanna hook up down there sometime!
  11. thx for the heads up captn.. id love to hook up sometime although im usually off durin' the week,,, Retail ya know,,never know my days off till the week before..
  12. well i make my scheldue, except for the back problems. Its hit and miss these days. Hopefully surgery will be soon and ill be 100% by November.