Griggs Reservoir!

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Darwin, Feb 25, 2005.

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    Darwin If your gonna be a bear..

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    Thanks for the heads up!

  3. That explains why they have barrels at the boat ramps. Thanks for the info
    B :D
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    UPDATE: It's officially closed for boating until further notice.
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    Well the heck with it Shake I say we take off for Tenn. about the 10th. How's that sound. They can just keep Griggs! :D
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    Agreed :D :D

    I heard on the radio that it will be closed 4-6 weeks?
  7. Can't boaters see the dam? :confused: Common sense would tell you to keep a safe distance. :rolleyes:
  8. its not closed it is boat at ur own risk
  9. That's the problem, you might it's common sense, but all it takes is for one idiot to go over the dam and then sue the city for millions b/c they didn't have the cable up. :mad:
    Remember the mcdonalds hot coffee lawsuit. It's just ridiculous that you hurt your self and then blame someone else. :eek:

    It happened to me: a neighbors kid got hurt on my property and I ( my home owners ins. had to agree to a settlement to keep it out of court). :mad:
    It's just crazy
  10. Watching the news this morning I guess the cable is more for if someone has boat trouble they grab it rather than drifting over the dam :eek: . That makes perfect sense to me.
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    COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Police said Friday that they have closed the Scioto River in the Griggs Reservoir Dam area to all boating.

    I guess they posted closure signs too.
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    Shake your right. It is closed to any and all boats period!
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    Hey guys I also heard they were closing all of Dale Hollow the weekend of March 11th. Ha Ha good luck get some pics for us.
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  15. there going to reopen dale hollow the 9th of april,closed till then ha ha. :) :) :)
  16. I stopped @ Griggs last night. The ramps are still closed, but the new safety cable is sitting next to the south ramp. Maybe it will be installed soon?
  17. The safety boom is being installed today at Griggs. Hopefully, they will have it completed by late this afternoon.
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    Sexy lookin' aren't they :)....Alot better than the yellow ones...Can't wait till next year to see them bouncing around below the dam!

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  19. I can't swear but I think I found the safety cableand barrels from griggs last week. It's right above the greenlawn dam on the west side of the river. I don't know who to contact but it was there last tuesday morning. It never fails, below griggs you can find all kinds of things. I have seen docks,still in good shape down by the 5th ave bridge.
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    Dale and Shake, Check the forecast for Tenn. Warm front on it's way and A Tenn local reports they are catching. Good luck