Griggs Res.

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  1. Catching some nice fish on this great river.Blacknblue bitzybugs and blacknchartruese slider worms.Headin for Delaware Res tomorrow.I have a tournament there Saturday.
  2. do you find that after luanching at the fishinger road ramp, is going north or south more productive?

  3. I caught 7 L/M Bass on the south end last Saturday in a matter of 15 minutes. South past the yacht club on the right before the orange barrels for the dam. 1 to 1 1/2 lbs.
    Then I went north and didn't catch a darn thing except 4oz crappies and a couple of small smallies.
  4. What time of day?

    I talked to a few guys that said they were getting smallies right before dark...

    I had no luck last Sunday early morning.
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    The entire river is good.
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    Thats a bunch of Bologna!! We all know the Scioto is one big sewer, with a few carp mixed in to keep all the crap from clumping togeather :D :D :D
  7. I think that the stinking north ramp is much to steep when loading my boat. My bow always is LOWER than my rollers on that ramp. Either side. Also the south ramp, but not as bad. I have to be REAL careful there otherwise I will roll my molding down below the bow and scratch the metalflake fiberglass.

    BUT, I caught some bass like I said. As far as going north, well around the island up north there is only 1 ft of water close enough to cast into the grass. I was able to get in that skinny water with my Ranger with the big motor up. Didn't catch anything around the grass. Went further north and caught some bass on the west side. Didn't fish the east side at all.

    Hope this helps fellas.
  8. I had the same problem with getting my Skeeter on the trailer at Griggs. Very tricky to get the trailer down enough in the water to get it all the way up on the trailer when power loading but not to get the bow too high. Weird ramps...

    My own experience is that I can almost always clean up on small fish up north in the no wake zone, but rarely are they of any size. I've rarely fished south of the ramps, but now it sounds like maybe I should try...

  9. I never have problems with the ramp by the bridge.... just back your trailer down to where the water starts to come around the front of your fenders.... don't go to deep or it won't line up right... I drive my 19' Lazor right up with no problem. Once that water get real low you have to watch or you will back your trailer off the end of the concrete ramp.... Its got a ways to go before you will run into that problem... Those ramps drop off fast and anyone thats not used to them have problems...

    I agree with Mike... That river is good all over.... some spots are better then other... Keep going there you will find the bigger fish....

    Its almost smallie time there.... ALOT of fun...

  10. Smallie time would be A LOT better if we got some rain. I'm starting to notice more smallies than usual being caught in the main reservior, I think it has to do with the very shallow water up north.
  11. I caught a bunch of Ball down below the yacht club on the West side. Didn't try the East side at all though. Up north I usually catch fish past the island. I was looking for Crappie there but didn't catch any in my usual places. I attribute that to low water though.

    Usually catch my share of Smallies up river. Too bad they stopped stocking Griggs and O'Shay 2 yrs ago. They were both great Saugeye fisheries for sure especially below the dams.