Griggs/Oshay conditions

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ShakeDown, May 16, 2004.

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    I was out of town all weekend, and didn't get to see first hand how much it poured down here. How are they lookin? TIA.
  2. great, just got my 1st fish ohio of the year at o'shay.

  3. I will be there around 9ish. Hope the back feels better tonight. This rain has been killing me. Next time bring your camera with you so you can take a picture or 2. Catch ya later big boy.

    I am going to take a nap for a bit before I go. :eek:
  4. you going below the this post from saturday or today..(sunday)
  5. Sunday night I am talking about. Tonight. I will be there around 9 pm. Probably stay for a copuple of hours anyway. Depending on how long my back holds out.
  6. now i see the date..sometimes i feel really dumb...
  7. captnroger

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    Griggs is still high, but fishable. Of course, rains this week might cancel that.
  8. justme.. same one!
  9. did you see all that stuff on the news about the river? lol...
  10. What stuff? Eric caled me and told me that some sewer plant dumped some RAW stuff into the river but he didn't say which plant or which reservior. I was down O'Shay for the past 4 days and nights. Yesterday around noon time I did see a whole bunch of crap floating all over the place and the water was literally crappie. I mean it was terrible. I had to clean 2 reels completely when I got home and re-spool them. Took me about 3 hours with a Q-Tip to get inside the baitcasters and all the nooks and crannys. Well, they needed it.

    Anybody going tonight for a while? :eek: Oh Yes!!! I'm not putting the boat in until it clears up a bit. Too dirty. I mean it was REAL crap. I saw it. :eek: I even cleaned my fingernails with alcohol.

    Later guys n' girls. :cool:
  11. ShakeDown

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    Seriously? Like crap as in "poop"?

    mmmmm...must add a fine taste to those saugeyes that some guys like to keep outta there.
  12. Hey man, whaaaaasssss Up? Yeah, like real crap floating in strings and alot of foam that stunk. Unfortuneatly I made a few casts and both rods were coated with it. After Eric called me I left there and came home and started cleaning. :eek: It was miserable. I put a bandana on from the stink on my reels. Went down there last night during the storm and it had cleared up. Went downstream I guess. I fished down there for about an hour with Wayne and hooked into a good one. Then he spit the Clown Rouge back at me. We saw him. When I set the hook, I lifted him out of the water a bit and saw the Rouge in his mouth. 9 hooks and they still manage to throw it back at you. Amazing.
  13. I had to clean 2 rods and reel completely after fishing the other night. It was disgusting to see fresh poop floating by and then of course the stink. Need I say anymore? No.