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Griggs or Oshay

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by CPTN.CROWN, Oct 5, 2004.

  1. Any one fished the spillways lately? Im planning on going tomorrow night for a little while. Buddy feels sorry for me and is going to come get me just in case i start hurtn and gotta load up on the pain killers. he said he was out over the weekend and hooked into a couple 25'ers but couldnt get em in the net. I told him last year to throw that dam net away when he hit my best s-eye 4 times before he got it in the net, just wouldnt listen. ;)
  2. JBJ


    I haven't heard anything about the spillways but I've heard that the crappie are starting to hit on both reservoirs from customers lately.

  3. I was thinking of going down to Griggs spillway after work tomorrow. I get done around 7. What's the saugeye fishing like down there after dark? I always fished for saugeye on the Ohio River after dark and did really good in the fall. Another question, how far can you drive down in there? I went down there last night to check the area out and saw a gravel road leading down there. Can you follow that road or should I park at the end of the pavement?

  4. It usually turns on after dark! Its hit and miss though. You can drive down the gravel road gets you about 100 or so feet from the water. Here is an example of how good the fishing can be down there! :cool:

  5. Fished the spillway last night after work for about an hour. I was over by the mouth of the creek. Had one hit me at the rocks edge and that was it. My stomach was telling me to go home and eat and I wasn't getting any bites so I left. I'll go back though. Can't give up on a spot just cause I didn't catch anything on the first trip. Was that you CaptCrown? There were two other guys down there.

    Good Fishin'

  6. yep. didnt make it long. went home 2 rest and hit oshay . the pain killers kicked in and fell asleep. buddy was pounding on door & did'nt hear. he got 6 3 over 24 :eek: and just dropped me off 3 bags :D man im hungry