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Griggs last night

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by CPTN.CROWN, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. Well we hit the hill last night. Man that thing kicked my butt!!!!! Water was up but we still need rain to get it where it needs to be. Caught 2 eyes on a jointed rapala. I think that thing has been in my box for 4 years never used. Blue and white did it. Fish were 16 and 17".. But very very fat to my suprise. We tried slip bobber and shad, 2 hook ups and none landed. One felt real good, but i think it was a cat. :rolleyes:

    I really think that the fish in there now are resident fish, or stuck in there from the low water. PLEASE RAIN GODS GIVE US 2" OF RAIN SO WE CAN CATCH SOME MORE FISH. :D
  2. Hey Capt.
    Is the higher water what it takes to get them eyes outta there? I went down there earlier in the week after we got some rain and fished and didn't get a bite. How high does the water have to be to turn it on? The water was up a bit but not much from the previous time I went before the rain. I was using a variety of stickbaits. Where's the best place to fish for em down there?


  3. Redone29,

    Part of the effect of the higher water is that it will bring some fish down from the lake. But another thing that it does is draw the fish that are down there into the spillway area. Saugeye like the turbulent water conditions and thus will be attracted to the area. So it is the best of both worlds I guess you could say.
  4. I prefer to fish it about 2' higher than it is currently. When the usgs says its 5.5 at oshay its perfect!!
  5. I prefer to fish it about 2' higher than it is currently. When the usgs says its 5.5 at oshay its perfect!!
  6. acklac7

    acklac7 S.S.

    I believe most of the saugeye below Griggs are the saugeye that were originally stocked into O'shay. They get stocked in O'shay then migrate down stream to find a suitable wintering hole, gaining weight as they move downstream...Once they reach Griggs most of them are already over 15"...I think I've caught 1 under 12" in the past 50 times Ive been down there. But you just have to find them...and predict where they will go. You can catch 8 in a hour, then the water will rise/drop 6" and they will be gone.... They will not return to the same hole until the water goes up another 6"....And one more thing to chew on...and this applies to numerous sections of the Scioto: If you didn’t risk breaking your leg or pulling out your back while en route to the hole your fishing, your probably fishing the wrong hole.....;)