Griggs Dam or O'Shaughnessy boat docks

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  1. Anyone know if they pulled the boat docks yet?

  2. Yes, the docks still in the water.......Last night when I came from work
    there still there....but I think this will be the last weekend for them....

  3. Thanks Pancho.. I'm wondering if the rain will get here early... Will have to wait and see what the radar shows in the morning... If its raining I'm staying home.
  4. I was down there around noon today (saturday) and they were pulling some docks by the docks near the dam. Not sure if they pulled the docks we use though.
  5. I ended up not going.... I didn't get any calls yesterday to see if I was still having it.Only one pm. Didn't see it until real late.... Now I am glad I stayed home.. Looks like the rain started right about the time we would of took off. I'm done with the tournament till next year.

  6. Do they pull all the docks at O'shay? Are you still able to launch a boat at O'shay during the winter?:confused:
  7. Yes... They pull all of them.... If you're alone its alittle hard to launch...I've done it at Griggs.. Just have to be careful... That water is cold this time of year.... I know.. Thats all I am saying.... :rolleyes:
  8. The docks are out for the season at oshay.....they took them out today.....
  9. I was wondering if they got them out yet.... Anyone know if they got to Griggs today to?
  10. Griggs was in Thursday, don't know about today. I'll post next time I go by.
  11. DaleM

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    Both Griggs and O'Shaugnessy are still in as of today.
  12. Thanks for the info.... I am going to try to go to Griggs in the morning.... Not to early tho....