Griggs 5-21

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  1. Went to the lower part of Griggs today with my room mate. He asked me to show him how to fish for some bass. Well it was producing well today.

    Caught a nice size LMB on a crankbait. My room mate caught a nice handful of smallies and a few rock bass.

    Griggs is the place to be right now.

    I have some pictures on my phone but couldnt take pictures of all the fish....will try to upload them soon.

    Lures used:

    Chartreuse colored fat body crankbait

    Large Rebel Craw

    Bitsy Bug with a chartreuse grub (combo)

    Shad raps

    Assorted spinnerbaits
  2. How was the water conditions out there? Temp, clarity, etc? Thanks in advance.:B

  3. What would you mean by below griggs... first park entrance when coming from where lane ends into riveroad...
  4. Not sure about temp.

    Very Stained ( very muddy )

    Flow is still pretty strong.


    It's below the Griggs Reservoir Dam. Access there is pretty easy. A lot of loose rocks so be careful.