Griggs 4/9

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by xtrema, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Fished griggs today for about 3 hours on the south end. Caught two nice largemouths on a shad pattern fat body crankbait. Lost a big fish. Probably either a big bass or a nice saugeye. Had it on for about 10 seconds. The weather was nice and the fishing was decent. :)
  2. Were you one a boat or shore? I tried it with a boat a few days ago and got skunked. Spotted a bunch of fish at about two to three feet down. Nothing on the bottom. How deep were you when you caught them?

  3. Sorry, fishing from shore. The crank dives down to 10' and I hooked them in mid retrieve. I could feel the crank bumping rocks on the bottom and I would pause and let it float up a bit then crank it back down and bump the bottom again. Both hit on the pause.
  4. i still need to catch fish there on a spinnerbait.....everything else works but those
  5. I fish spinnerbaits alot and have had great success with them. My number one rule is to downsize the bait. Try throwing some small baits. Strike king mini kings (1/8 oz.) or tiny-t (1/8 oz). These small baits are very effective. Have caught my biggest LM on one of these. My best color is chartruese/blue/silver flake. :B