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Griggs 4/24

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ShakeDown, Apr 24, 2004.

  1. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Took my dad out today on Griggs, got out around 3, fished until 7. Took 3 on my first 5 casts, and it was fairly steady all evening. Ended up with a total of 13 (1sm, 12lm), 5 keepers. Even had a crappie slam a tube, coupla gills smackin cranks twice their size. Bulk caught on cranks, with a few strays on tubes and sliders. Water temps ranged from 59 to 63 and change. Had a ball!

    The plan was to fish Alum, but I called Chopiq (he was on the water) to see how the bite was. He said it was real slow, so I called Dale to see if he was near Griggs to see how yucked up it was from all the rain. Said it looked astonishingly good, so we met Garry and Dale out there too. We left before they did, and they were having a good day too.

    Chopiq/Dale: You guys both saved me a trip today. I owe ya one (as usual :))
  2. Lewis


    Good going guys.I too should have got out this evening ahead of the front..I knew it would be good!..But devoted the day to servicing my lawn equipment and mowing. :(
    Whats wrong with that that picture??? :D

  3. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Garry and I ended up with 10 bass, 7 keepers size and 3 smaller ones. Had a good time also. We left at 8:30. Shake nice to meet your dad also. Water was lookin' really good after all the rain. Caught them on cranks, 6" worms, spinner baits, jig and tail. Was nice to get those first ones in the boat. Don't even ask about the wakeboarders :mad: :mad: .
  4. Marshall

    Marshall Catch Photo And Release

    good job guys, i can't wait to start fishing the tuesday nighters. I work every other tuesday so it will be every other one for me.
  5. Hey Dale, any ideas when the Tuesday nighters start?? My partner was asking again tonight. Went to Choctaw and i put about a 3.5 pounder in the boat, and that fired him up even more!!
  6. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Look like we're shooting for the 4th. or 11 of May. Depends on the light. Garry and I discussed it yesterday. I leave for Canada on May 10th. for a few weeks so Garry is trying to get his schedule set so he can be there while I'm gone. I hope May 4th. but I'll post it as soon as we decide.
  7. Nice job on the fish guys...nice to hear no one fell in the water :eek:

    My dad was in town from Florida and we hit Alum for some crappie. Caught couple nice keepers and some small perch.... didn't know Alum had perch lol

    They would've made for some nice muskie bait ...

    Had a blast fishing, and we were going to go again this morning but saw all the rain coming and decided to skip it....

    even had a hall pass from church approved by senior management...
  8. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Nope no one fell in, I kept Garry (aka. shakey),(aka. Old grey beard),tied to his seat. Great day though to be out, was going back today, but as you said with the rain :rolleyes: sounds like Nascar today at 1:30. ;)
  9. Thanks Dale for the info...I'll keep checkin in!