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griggs 11/6

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by CPTN.CROWN, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. Hit griggs saturday. Ended up with 6 nice eyes, 2 smallies and a huge largemouth. Never caught a bass below the dam, and couldnt keep em off. Had 2 eyes in the 4lb range and the rest were 18-20"ers. Eyes seemed to like reef runners the best, and the bass were taking a black and gold husky jerk. Ill post some pics this afternoon.
  2. fishingredhawk

    fishingredhawk Ohio Hawg Hunter

    Nice job! Call me next time.

  3. Sorry man!!! I think im done for the year! But if i go back, you are the first one i will call!!!

    The smallie's i caught were almost black. Nice and fat 2lbr was the biggest! Anyone else seen this down there?
  4. acklac7

    acklac7 S.S.

    Hey tahoe, did you by chance lose a black and gold husky jerk w/2 red treble hooks? My buddy "caught" it later on saturday night...I saw you and about about 3 others over there on saturday. I said "there definitley getting them" but decided that there wasn't room for a 4th and headed down stream...Caught a few nice smallies but no eye's. Came back around 7:00, hooked into one but lost him. It may be that I haven't been down there in a while but there sure seems to be alot more snags than last year..Lost like 7 jigs in an hour...Going back with Fireline is a must have for fishing below Griggs....RedHawk I'll be on the west side below Griggs around 4:00-6:00, hopefully slaying some eye's..bring alot of twisters and some fireline if you decide to go!
  5. la2ohio

    la2ohio L.A.2Ohio

    Where is this place (spillway) and how do you get there? Which is best to fish right now, O'Shay or Griggs and where do you park to fish? Do you have to hike/wade in to fish the spillway or are you fishing from shore? Is it slick around the areas to fish, heard something about the rocks and guys falling in. Tell me more please. By the way, what size husky jerk and twister tails are you using? Does color play a role with the twister tails or is white a standard?

    la2ohio :cool:
  6. Yes i did. Was kind of glad cause the bass wouldnt leave it alone. But it alawys ticks me off when i loose cranks down there!!! It was me and a buddy then some other dude came down there. Fish wernt consistant. We got 2 17-18" then nothing, then 2 more then nothing, then the 4lbers came in then nothing. Those fish are truley running in schools that are same or about same size. Would like to been able to stay and get both our limits but my back wasnt wanting to stay. It was fun getting baack to the car!!
  7. acklac7

    acklac7 S.S.

    Lost 3 or 4 jigs today, but got 3 eye's(11" 19" 23") 4 smallies and a largemouth in about a hour and a half. And no **** about the bass tahoe....they were ALL OVER. I mean I had to have seen at least 40 topwater attacks. I usually catch a smallie here and there but that many smallmouths in that area is definitley unusuall. I should have caught 15+, but I had my heavier saugeye combo with fireline...most of them wanted nothing to do with it. I was using tandem twisters, tandem bass assassins and big floating rapalas...Shad were everywhere.... getting destroyed! Only regret is that I didn’t bring the smallie rod with the fluorocarbon :(...Ill be down again tomorrow around the same time.

    la2ohio..I like throwing a white and chartreuse tandem rig. But I usually stick with chartreuse for eye’s. however white works fine. I personally like the biggest brightest husky jerk I can find, big shad raps work well to. But you will lose them left and right (below griggs)...unless you can find the magic "snagless hole" :)..(yes it does exist). As for which is better, im not real familiar with O'shay..Tahoe could probably help you out. Griggs can be good but the fish move around alot. Try fishing when the water is receding...seems to be the best time....Griggs is on the northwest side of Columbus...Take the Mill Run exit off of 270 and head east on fishinger for about 3 or 4 minutes and you’ll run right into the reservoir. Oshay is about 15 minutes north of Griggs.
  8. The snagless hole got bigger as the water came up!! Usually only loose 1 or none below griggs. Oshay is another story. What one is better :confused: :confused: its hard to chose. Oshay seems more consistant when the fish come in, but by far griggs holds better size fish. Thats my experiance fishing them both. THere isnt one crank bait that works better than others, usually throw 40-50 different ones and the fish let me know what is working that day. Saturday was grey ghost, and a custom glow in the dark wonderbread bomber. I usually start throwing that cause thats what i got my big one on last year!

    FISHERLADY Fish OH Master Angler

    Me and my Bf went there on the weekend just before dark. He was catching saugeye. All I was catchin' was cold air and bumps/bruises from falling down that hill. :eek: :D There were other guys there too. May have been some of you guys. :confused: They were bank fishin' looked like.