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  1. Hello, everyone
    I'm not only new to this site but new (as far as fishing) to Ohio. I moved here to Troy from San Diego, CA two years ago and had surgery shortly after that's required time to recuperate but now I'm ready to pick up the fishing pole and get to it. Only problem is this is a different type of fishing altogether. Until yesterday I'd never heard of a Saugeye, thought Muskies were only up north(I can't wait to try my hand with one of them) and have no idea what kind of lures, jigs or spinners to use. I just got my fishing license but I'm hoping for yur help before I buy my rod, reel and tackle. Most of my fishing will be along the Great Miami between South Piqua and Tipp City. I'm not a panfish enthusiast so I'm hoping for some 'eyes as I've seen em called, large or smallmouth bass or other similar gamefish. Can anyone recommend rod, reel and line weight, tackle, lures, tricks and methods(lol...sorry but I'm REALLY a newbie) as well as where I might find good fishing in my area (I'm bicycling so that's why my range is so limited right now).

    Thanks and hope to get to know you all.