Greenville Creek

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  1. I fished the Greenville Creek for the first time in a while, yesterday i went to the falls, not much happening, just a couple dink smallies, but i did see a massive smallie in the shallows, im guessing 3lbs, didn't stick around long enough for me to catch him though, then today fished another spot, caught probably 10-12 rock bass, nothing huge, maybe 6-9" and some decent smallies and some sunfish, a pretty good day, i dont see much about the greenville creek on here so i thought i'd post this
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    There was a chemical spill a few yrs back up in Greenville,glad to see some fish making a comeback...some sections are still short on fish #'s though,TC1

  3. Yeah, i remember a few years ago i could catch quite a few smallies, not so many here recently, i would like to try closer to where it meets the stillwater, i imagine it would be deeper and hold more fish down that way
  4. i live in greenville i have fished the creek maybe 12 times in my life. love river fishing at the stillwater near englewood especially now through november. lot's of great crappie fishing. last 3 years i have been fishing the buckeye crappie challenge, have not had the time in the fall. i would always go with my uncle untill he passed away. love the jon boat action with the hand paddles good control lot's of fish
  5. Mikeavi, are you fishing above the lowhead dam? Never caught any crappie out of the stillwater, just curious
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    Stillwater is great for crappie - i used to catch them at the Englewood Spillway, plus further up at Old Springfield and Martindale Rds. Fall is great, you can catch them in the deeper eddy areas, and places with brush along the bank.
  7. I'll have to try that this year, i usually fish around west milton or north of there, at least the canoe rentals should be about done with, cant stand em
  8. Fished the same stretch of the creek today, caught a fat 14" smallie, put up a good fight and also caught a few other smallies 8-10", and some rock bass, some nice fish for such a small creek and all of the fish were caught on 3" zoom pumpkin tubes