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Discussion in 'Stripers & Hybrids' started by ohiou_98, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Planing on fishing the point tomorrow, and wondered how the action has been along the rocks. Anyone doing any good?
  2. Went to Greenup this morning and noticed the water level is lower than I have ever noticed in the past. Plus, it wasn't as turbulent as usual, and the water is very clear now. I caught one small fish as soon as I got there (at about 6:00 a.m.) on a 3' grub. I saw a few people catching fish on occassion. Didn't seem to be too good this morning, has the fishing changed due to the water conditions, or is it the heat?

  3. The water was 18' yesterday and down to 12 this morning. A pretty good drop for one day. It dropped so fast that bait fish got stuck on the rocks on the back side of the walk and died. I was on the lower sidewalk this AM and caught 2 on a rattletrap.
  4. Hey Dave, I saw you there this morning (I think?). (wearing a red shirt I think?) If so, I saw the two you caught, one in particular was not too bad. NOrmally, I don't fish w/ plugs down there, or rattletraps, but today I did (trying to imitate the baitfish swimming around). People were trying to catch the bait w/ throw nets, but the fish were too small. I was fishing from Coffers Dam, and noticed baitfish all over near the surface. Occassionally something would come up and feed, but not as much as I would have expected. I went by the dam this evening and the water is a lot higher now. (The pile of rocks by the point were underneath the water). You going back tomorrow morning?
  5. You should have come over. The 3 of us fishing there at the elbow are all named Dave!! I just used that lure because nothing else would work. Too much bait right now. Come over next time.