greenup dam on ohio side

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  1. Went to greenup dam - ohio side - on sat afternoon. It was our 1st time there. Woody caught a 16 3/4 inch sauger. I caught a small sauger. I am confident we would have caught more if I had not gotten sick. The sun was beating down. I guess between that and the twisty windy roads we drove to get there it just did not sit well with me. Sadly we left.

  2. the sun will get you all day there for sure. glad you caught something though :B

  3. Must have came down 93 huh. Sorry I missed you but I took my grandson Adam and he caught 60 whites,2 smallies and a Largemouth Sun. Afternoon. How did you like the dam?
  4. I liked it well enough but the walkway/railing was under water and had to cast over it and hope not to get caught on it lol.

    I was upset about one person snagging. Not sure how often that happens.

    Sorry we missed you. I am not sure how we went. He drove and I was along for the ride lol.

    It was a terrible trip b/c we stopped at 3 places to eat sunday AM before we could get service or food. ugh! and the hotel was nasty!

    as for the river it was great. I enjoyed it as much as I could. I would like to go there again - not sick. lol! My husband loved it. I am sure he will take me there again sometime.
  5. does anyone know if the river is still above the rails i was just wondering!!!
  6. Top sidewalk is clear,lower, underwater.
  7. Hey Daveo,are you gonna try to fish this w/end(5-10 or 5-11)?@ greenup?Let me know ,and I might be able to catch ya down there.
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    Hows the water levels? I would like to give it a try but hate driving all the way there with the gas prices if the water is over the lower sidewalk.
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    I think the water is over both walkways
  10. Buckslayer

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    Thanks for the update
  11. The water is well over both sidewalks and up between the 2 roads that lead down to the sidewalks.
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    Daveo, could you let me know when the water is down below the sidewalks?? Thanks!
  13. pretty fun evening down there this evening with my son...we didn't stay long but caught some really nice ones in an hours time. (downstream)
  14. I had decent day up by the wall. Water still murky but they didn't mind. Hit Zoom flukes and Gizz3's and 4's.

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  15. I was down by there yesterday, passed by the exit to Greenup on 52, I wondered how the fishing was(never been there myself) I was headed to Coal Grove to visit family, that town earns its name everywhere you look coal, I think I got caught by every light coming through Portsmouth:p but overall a nice drive, some really nice country down there.
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    Hey Daveo,

    You show up everywhere....on these sites I see. The Gizz worked well for you I see. Can't wait to get backd!

    wiperforever out........