GreenLawn Dam

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Djtrikee, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. Djtrikee

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    Does anyone have any good results down off Greenlawn ave?
  2. crittergitter

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    I heard on the news that a couple kayakers dumped out there yesterday and had to be rescued. I guess they were both alright.


  3. hahah. I saw that too.. got caught up in the current. I had a friend almost die there last year kayakin'. got caught upside down and stuck in some brush. lol
  4. dude not to open a can but....why are you hahahaha and lol...dude your friend almost died!!!!
  5. when I mean he almost died, I mean he spent 15 seconds under water, and swallowed up some of the stream. after he was fine, we all enjoyed a good chuckle. You just had to be there, and had to see his face. It was like he was looking death in the eye. Only if he knew, the water was waist deep at that
  6. trofybassinassasin

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    I caught a largemouth that was about 3-4 pounds on a top water zara spook. That was the only real bite I got. Other than that I did see a guy bring in a large flathead catfish. Probably 25 pounds or better, using a Mr. Twister in CHARTREUSE. Alot of people say they bite on those mr. twisters, it was my first time there but I will definitely go back.
  7. seethe303

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    lets be honest here, if he swallowed some of the water, he probably did almost die!
  8. acklac7

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    Contrary to popular belief Flatheads readily hit properly presented lures. Hooking a big flatty on a jig will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life, I guarantee it. Flatheads will often BLAST there intended prey prior to actually eating it. The "blast" from a 20lb+ flathead unloading on a 16/oz jig (on 8lb test) is something every die hard angler should experience once in there lifetime...

    Try throwing a bright/flashy crankbait/jig with a lil bit of if you present finesse (basically you want to fish the lightest jig you can while still maintaining occasional contact with the bottom). If you really want to catch one stick around for an hour past dark, you'll be surprised at how many species continue to feed after the sun goes down ;)