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    Fastlane Fishless as usual

    Anyone on here a member? Is the fishing any good out there?
  2. i am a member of GCF&G, the fishing is pretty good, bass, bluegill, crappie, cats (flats, blues, channels), trout, end of january they had there new member signup, but didnt announce they when they was going to do it, so alot of people had no clue, the only way to fish is if ur a member, but non members can do pretty much all the other activities as long they are out there with a member, if a non member gets caught fishing with a member the member could have there status revoked and banned, if a non member sneaks in to fish they automatically file tresspassing charges. are u a member or new member?

    brandon aka bassattacker

  3. I live in Greene County, what is the Greene County Fish and Game and where is it located? How much is a membership? Is it a private lake or something?
  4. GCF&G is a private club and you must be a member to fish and hunt, other club functions you have to be with a member to attend, membership is around $145 for first year and renewal there after is around $95 a year there after, has roughly a 15 acre lake, and roughly a 1 acre pond, both of which are stocked and right now the small pond (what we call it) has trout stocked in it, other club functions: target ranges, trap shoot, camp grounds (camper and primitive), 3d archery, archery ranges, different holiday functions and picnics. to beceom a member a/an existing member has to sponsor the person wanting to become a member.

    heres a link to GCF&G Site:

    Aerial Photo of GCF&G
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    Fastlane Fishless as usual

    Actually I lucked out this year. I did not have a sponsor and still managed to make the cut. We haven't fished it yet but we will soon. It was worth the $145 to me because now Shawnee Park is not my only option for close to home night fishing. I know CC and a few other areas are close but if I have to be at work in the morning I don't want the 1/2 hour drive. It cuts into my fishing time. So how long have you been a member of GCFNG?
  6. ive been a member for about 15 years, it does make it conveinent to have a nice place to fish at, plus all the activities they have from spring to fall makes it jus that much better, for example there having a eucher party this saturday and i think they rescheduled the easter egg hunt for the kids this saturday too, there is some monster cats in both bodies of water, there are quit a few 40+ lbers. and im sure there is some pushing 50-60, bass fishing wasnt the greatest last year but fishing was tough everywhere due to the drought we had, this spring is probally going to be explosive with the amount of water flowing in, the top pond isnt fished as much as the lake but has produced some 7lbs. bass in the past few years and the lake has produced some 6lbs+ bass in the past few years, ill be at all the cat tourneys and all fish tourneys, so if u see a silver saturn vue feel free to stop on over and say hi.
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    I was a member a while back, my father before me and my grandfather before him. What happened to the "big lake" years ago was a damn shame. I have never seen a lake that was so poorly taken care of. I renewed my membership several years back, but my dad got sick and didnt have a reason to go as much. I have thought of trying to renew my membership again (brother in law is still a mbr) but I was worried that things would go bad like they did in the past. I have heard though that the newer staff is doing MUCH, MUCH better than it they did several years ago.

    Now that I've got kids, rejoining is something I should probablly look into.
  8. when my uncle took over being the lake chairmen 6-7 years ago, the lake was ok, but he brought it back to where it should have been and was taken care of, banks trimmed, grassed mowed, structure was put in, trees on the bank that were dead cut and dropped in, last year my uncle decided to step down cause its a 40 hour job onto of 40+ hour work week to maintain the lake, the lake is now 75-80% rip rap on the banks to help against erosion, the fishing was tough last year but like everyon knows the drought hurt fishing everywhere but we did still catch some nice fish, i hooked into a blue that was around 20-25 in the small pond(lost it at the bank cause of the low water. kids wise they have kids fishing tournies once a month, plus its a safe enviroment for them and for adults too. i know the flatheads are reproducing too cause i caught quite a few 3-5lbers., there some really nice crappie in there too, .