Green River lake, Ky.

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  1. We just got back from Green River Lake today. Six of us spent a week fishing and having a great time. I'm pretty sure this will be the last time we go there though. We have now been there 3 times ( 2 during June and once during October) with very few fish.

    I can't remember working harder for so few fish. We did get some nice fish, a few 15"+ bass and channel cats as large as 4 lbs but we ended up with only enough fish for one meal ( 6 guys) after 6 days of fishing. Tried everything.

    Locals say that its a hard lake to catch fish in. Its, however, a beautiful lake. Clean water great cover in the bays and inlets. We mark fish deep but just can't seem to catch them. I did notice that the lake is almost devoid of weed cover. Nothing near the shorelines nor in the bays.

    If anyone knows what the situation is down there, I would like to hear it.
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    Been there several times, and yes, it is quite beautiful.

    You do know most folks go for the muskie?

    We've taken 2 over 40" and lots of 30" to 35". My PB spotted bass came from there while muskie fishing. One Fall I hooked a snapper (in the mouth) on a snooze tube. Sucker was as big as a garbage can lid!

    I guess there's HUGE smallies in her depths, but I hear that's a Spring thing and like you I've only ever fished it in the Summer and early Fall.

    That said, our best success with species other than muskie has been at night. Set out a few floating lights in one of the good coves and you'll be amazed at what all gets called in.