Greek Mythology

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  1. anyone know anything about greek mythology. i have to type a research paper on the lessons that are trying to be taught and im having a bit of trouble with it.
  2. what sort of info are you looking for?

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    Yeah, I went to a liberal arts school so I have several thousands of dollars invested in mostly trivial classes like that. No regrets though... aside from when I make my student loan payments.
  4. Google should be your best friend....

    I recall the following...

    Zeus was the King of the Gods
    Hera was Zeus' wife
    Hercules (or Heracles) was their son
    Aphrodite was the Goddess of Love (and she was HOT)
    Hades was the God of the Underworld (and Zeus' brother)
    Poseidon was the God of the Sea
    Pegasus was Hercules' horse...and could fly
    Ares was the God of War
    Artemis was the virgin Goddess of the hunt
    Dionysus was the God of Wine (nice..)

    Perseus was a hero of lore, and Hercules completed the 7 (?) great tasks.

    Medusa was a witch with a head of snakes.

    The Kraken was a horrible sea monster.

    Guess that's all I can recall from 7th grade English Lit class when we learned that stuff.
  5. well we have to put at the end a portion about the lessons that were trying to be taught by the bad things that happened to the people.

    bfg you have a pretty accurate memory. and it was the 12 labors that hercules did lol.

    oh and btw i am doing agamemnon.
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    Well if I remember right, he sacrificed his daughter, stole Achilles' spoils of war, which caused Achilles to stop fighting, and was murdered by his wife, so there's lots of lessons to be learned there.