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Greed or Bragging rights about Whitebass???

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by whitebass, May 15, 2005.

  1. I recently posted that we caught 500 w/b bass between the 3 of us at fremont. Well someone said that was overharvest and greed, and I'm was looking for bragging rights. That equals out to about 166 fish per person.The fish only run for about 2 months a year if your lucky. So stock up if you can. I occasionally keep a few saugeyes in the early spring. I don't keep largemouth or smallies, catfish, crappies, bluegill...etc. I give my uncles the majorityof the fish, who took the time to fish with me when I was young and a few neighbors too. Not everyone has the time or is capable of catching fish. Elderly, blind,handicapped or whatever. Just b/c you hear a high number you really shouldn't assume anything b-4 you know the facts. As for bragging rights I don't need bragging rights to make me feel good about myself. I just wanted to let other GFO members what was going on in ohio. Was I wrong in doing so? My kids love to fish almost as much as I do, and that make me feel good inside. This year I am putting together a little fishing trip for a few of the neighborhood kids to go fishing. The sandusky river would be an excellent spot, but it is too far to take somebody elses kids for an overnight trip.
    Maybe I shouldn't tell anyone else about my trip since it's bragging rights I supposedly looking for. I just thought if I told the GFO members maybe they too would be able to get someone else interested in fishing and not let the streets raise you. Not to sound like a broken record record but the strrets a no place for a kids. Trust me I have been there.

    I thought the site was designed to help others not to look down at them b/c you don't agree with what they say.

    Maybe next time I'll think twice b-4 I post another good fishing report. I guess only the bad ones are what some of us want to hear.
    Ready to give up!
  2. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    as long as you are comfortable with what you do,and it's perfectly legal,then don't be too concerned with the opinions of others.
    to me,what you do for others who can't get out,is commendable.i'm sure those people who can't get out and fish,and like a nice fish dinner now and then,sure appreciate's also hard to put on a big fish fry,if you don't have fish :rolleyes:
    my uncle catches and keeps hundreds of saugeyes every year.he eats fish almost daily,and puts on a big family feed once or twice a year,with those fish,and i gaurantee,none go to waste.i have a little fry myself,every now and then,for friends.
    as long as nobody makes a personal issue of it,don't take it personally ;)
    if i read the post right,it was just one person's general opinion,and that's how i'd take the way,sounds like a great time :)
    you should invited me,as i rarely eat whites,and you could have had more for your fish fry :D last's OGF,not GFO ;)
    and keep up the posts and reports.

    pps.............i moved the thread to the lounge.

  3. If I caught that many I'd post too with my chest sticking out real far man that is some day on the water no matter what your catching!!!

    Like Rick said it was legal... Just by your thread I can tell you would be someone I'd love to fish with and even know as a friend... Your head is on straight so don't let others who have probs get your dander up and keep up with/and share your post with the ones on here who do appreciate good fishing and reports :D

    How long did it take you guys to clean all them?
    I remember we use to catch a ton too and give them to family but we let them know they would be on ice and to grab a knife if they wanted some ;)
  4. If you had said you caught 500 and released them all someone would have said that was stupid. Like these guys said, as long as you are happy with yourself and within the law dont worry about what other people say, there will always be someone who has a different opinion.
  5. dfoxfish

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    :D if it was harmful to harvest that many whitey's, then the state would step in and say so. maybe even put a limit on quantity or a slot length minimum or max. until they do, my assumption would be it's not a problem. personally, i'm a lazy fisherman, and wouldn' want to fillet that many feesh! :rolleyes:
  6. I think it is ridiculous!!!

    But then again that is really because I didn't get any of them.:D

    Congratulations on your catch. Like everyone said there is a huge population of white bass and if the ODNR saw a risk in harvesting that many we would see some restrictions put on it. But until then a large harvest like that once a year is certainly nothing to fret about.
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  7. Keep catching them and keeping them all and someday there will be none or just a few little ones for your children that you talk so fondly of to catch. During the frenzy of catching the fish, did it ever occur to you that maybe you had kept enough and could have released half of those?

    Ohio Game Fishing
  8. Some species are simply more capable of sustaining large harvests and white bass is one of those species. We all know that this guy is not the first person to harvest that many and that it has been huge numbers with the white bass for years. That tells me that evidently the species is getting by just fine. It seems like a lot of fish but the difference is that not nearly as many people harvest white bass as walleye or perch. And other than the run itself I doubt that hardly anyone targets them. So they take their harvest hit all at once. When people start complaining about the white bass numbers going down then I hope that many of these folks listen to the warnings and that the ODNR addresses it. But I trust the ODNR's jusdgement at this point to not limit their harvest.
  9. All I will say is I wish the ODNR would put a limit on all fish.
  10. I like the idea of having limits on all fish too...
  11. mrfishohio

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    I know of guys who only catch 60 or 80 or 100 between 3 people and are afraid someone will think they're bragging ;)
    I kept 35 WB once & it was tough to carry them out (banking it) not to mention cleaning them. More power to you if you can handle them & not waste them. IN has a 10 or 12 fish limit on WB, so don't keep a bunch there.
    So long as the fish aren't being wasted and it looks like you didn't waste any. One problem I've seen is where people keep them figuring to give them away, and then no one wants them & they get trashed. I see it happen on locations too, where they stringer them, most are dead & then they try to give them away.
    Someone had an article posted a few years ago which was about this. It was about dwindling resources. It said to keep only what one will personally use, and none to give away.
    You have sound reasons why you shared your catch, I'm not knocking it at all. In fact I think that's wonderful how you took care of your uncle. I'm just mentioning the article because early in my fishing days I used to keep up to a limit & share the fish as I didn't eat many myself. That article opened up my eyes to a point I had never considered.
    The idea of limits is a good one, mostly because many areas can be fished out. I'm speaking of smallie streams and small rivers with catfish too. Some trotlines & no limits could decimate the populations there. The WB population has never come back in CC where 20-30 guys could line up shoulder to shoulder and keep everything back in the late 80's and early 90's. I don't think it's possible to hurt them at Erie at all, so limits on various locations might be in order. Keep posting, we're going to have varied opinions. There's aways controversy. Selective harvest seems to be the watchword today.
    That's an amazing day you guys had up there. I can't imagine. :)
  12. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Who were ya on the GFO boards? This is OGF :D

    As far as the subject at hand, it seems excessive to me, only because there is NO way that I'm cleaning 500 fish in one day. They'de be spoiled by the time you got the last the one.

    But as misfit replyed, if it's legal and your okay with it - there is no problem. Remember your only seeing peoples personal opinions as to what they are saying. Some may say it nicely, some may say it rudley, but all-in-all their entitled to their opinion.

    What some people said to you might of been offensive to you, but maybe your post was offensive to others?

    Just some food for thought :)
  13. Some of you people just need to relax. This is an excellent forum for people to share fishing reports, but it seems like some would like to ruin that by constantly putting down those who post their reports. Are any of you nay sayers marine biologists that know what effect, if any, harvesting large amounts of fish will have on the population in that particular body of water? If not, then keep your moral opinion to yourself. We all know that some are C&R and some like to eat the fish they catch, but we all share in the love for fishing. Remember it takes all of us to keep this sport going.
  14. That is too harsh...
    I like to read everyones thoughts and can say I honestly have changed my mind here and there on issues because others were allowed to voice their opinions...
  15. A few points:
    It's too bad that an OGF member has to be subjected to such opinionated thoughts when all he intended was an informative post about white bass fishing conditions in Fremont. I would feel somewhat alienated too from posting if I received such criticism. My grandad would always tell me, if you don't have anything good to say, SHUTUP!!! I realize that the intention of this site is share info. and advice, but part of the problem that we encounter is when people are so willing to express there personal opinions (which is what I'm doing now), ESPECIALLY in a ngeative light. You take the good w/the bad, I guess.

    Tightliner- If you have such a problem with what WhiteBass and very many others are doing in Fremont, I urge you to do something aboutit , such as contacting the ODNR and asking what you could do. Their response from what I'm guessing wouldn't be much because it's ALWAYS been like that in Fremont. You've got members posting about great fishing conditions at Galena catching 15 fish in day; well, in Fremont, it's possible to do that in half a hour during the peak of the run. Right or wrong, people from all around take home stringers and coolers loads of fish. Honestly, I don't ever think I've seen so many people with so much fish at any one time. My biggest gripe would be that they release whatever dinks they caught, but there again it's not up to me to decide ODNR rules and regulations. I think there is alot of truth to what bkr was saying because around the river you will see postings about legal sizes and limits for walleyes and bass (LM and SM) even in Spanish.

    Lastly, it always seems that the deer hunters make the most noise about C&R. Maybe their mad some fishermen don't "kill for sport", but simply to provide a good, inexpensive meal ;)
  16. This uproar occurs everytime someone posts a staggering number of fish harvested in an outing.

    I agree with the folks who say it's okay if it's within legal limits but I darned well wouldn't want to clean 500 fish.

    As to the folks who thinks it's over-harvesting, if one guy with at the most 2 rods can catch 160+ fish in a few hours, then there's a real good chance that the fish he's catching might be over-populating that particular body of water. Sure, if you're stringing a friggin seine net across a river and catching every fish in the water, that's a bad idea as well as illegal.

    So many fish are prolific breeders and some bodies of water don't have enough predatory fish pressure to keep their populations down and you'll end up with so many fish that you can catch 100+ in a couple hours with one rod.

    And before anyone asks, I'm not a marine biologist, but the ODNR has a staff of them and they haven't put a limit on WB. Maybe they should, maybe they shouldn't, but I doubt anyone on this forum who's against harvesting in mass has taken the time to contact them to inquire about the lack of a limit.

    Come on, guys and gals, let's talking fishing and not the politics of fishing.
  17. Fishman

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    Clydes right this is to harsh. Our opinions are our morals. And everyone is entitled to them.

    I didn't say what the gentlemen did was wrong at all. He's within the law and thats that.

    But as I mentioned before some people may of taken offense to his post, as he has taken offense to some peoples replys.

    So far this has been a very respectable thread with people speaking about the issue civally. I'de like to see it stay that way so we can continue to talk, otherwise the mods will shut it down, and rightfully so.
  18. H2O Mellon

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    I;ve read 17 posts & havent seen very many people getting onto you about what you did, so I just have to ask are you :T , trying to get a heated topic going? If not please tell me where your orginal post is so i can read it, as I cant find it.

    I am aslo one of the people that think we should have limits on all fish, but sayign that is not the same as jumping onto you.
  19. Truck said it best:

    The bucket brigade will only change their practices when the laws change (if then). If the law allows them to keep an unlimited number of fish….they WILL keep everything that they catch.
  20. I agree that everone is entitled to their own opinion on this matter and any others here. And I think that Whitebass was prepared for the differing opinions when he posted the original post. But let's not turn this into a war here. If anyone has any problem with what Whitebass did then address that with the DNR by proposing regulation. Several have posted their opposition to his act and I am sure he knows how we all feel by now.

    Some are questioning whether this is an attempt at trolling. I can't answer that question. But if he is then he is doing quite a bit of catching here.;) As you notice Whitebass has not posted since his original post so I think we can assume that we have all gotten our opinion voiced.