Greatest ice season in 3 years

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by fish master, Feb 26, 2009.

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    :)Well my fellow ogf'ers i think im packing it up for the year. This was the best year of ice fishing in ohio for me since i moved from MI. Got to meet TOMB,POWERSTROKIN,BUCKEYETOM,peon,BILLFISH,FULL_CHOKE,PISGATOR,
    FALBINKI,DFRENZY,STUMPY,LEADCORBEAN,Rode my bike past lightman,BIGGDADDY,CHAUNC,ICEBUCKETJOHN,PARMABASS,PEPLE OF THE PERCH if i forgot anyone you know who you are..i can't wait until next ice season to get back out there.. I caught tons of fish and met alot of good people. Maybe we can hit the lake in the summer as well..:B
  2. I would have to agree with you. The ice held out and the fishin wasn't to bad either. Wish the ice would last this long every year.

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  4. Ya, fish master I'm quite intersted in a pic 2. As far as the season it was great. This year was the best I have ever seen on ladue
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    Hey Peple,

    Met you a few weeks back as you pulled up to LaDue on the first warm day when the guys up on Erie were on the big ice flow. Have to agree about LaDue. Have not fished it for years, but just one day and had a great catch. Lets hope the softwater season is at least as fun and as productive.
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    i think this was the best ice weve had since '02-'03. didnt get to fish nearly as much as i wouldve liked but at least we had plenty of chances to get out.

    that snow really put a hurtin on the ice. held it back quite a bit or i think thered still be 12" everywhere.
  7. We had a pretty good year also![​IMG]
  8. This has been my first season on the ice so I have nothing to compare it to but it's been a lot of fun. I only wish Erie had stayed frozen longer, despite it being harder to find fish it's sooo much nicer being able to take atv's and sleds out there. On the flipside this mosquito lake walk is good cardio :) (read=I'm huffing and puffing like crazy)

    Catch you next season fishmaster!!
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    alls the bike is,its just a regular 10 speed mountain bike thats all nothing specail,,