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Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by flathunter, Nov 5, 2007.

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    Hines Ward, Kellen Winslow..... man what crybabies! Those guys couldnt make it in a Bengals uniform. (Men who cry usually can't make it in jail!) :D :)

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    Kellen Winslow is a beast plain and simple. If he wants to have games like that then I dont care if he sheds a tear after a big win. The dude is a freak of nature man.
  3. I have said it for over a year now that although I was not a fan of Winslow while at Miami and was not a fan of his early screw-ups and mouthiness I was however very impressed with what he could do on the field. I still believe that he has the tools to become one of the premiere TE threats in the NFL. Like Zach said he is a freak. He is a matchup nightmare for most teams. He is too big and strong for safeties in open field and is too quick for most LB's. As the Browns get better at knowing how to use him I believe what he did on Sunday will become more of a mainstay in that offense. And if what he is telling the reporters is coming from the heart then it sounds like maybe the kid is starting to mature.

    I also hope they get him healed up because he can plan on getting more of that beating this Sunday from the Steelers defense. They will need him in there to make that offense effective.
  4. If he keeps producing like sunday let him cry all he wants. I wouldnt call him a crybabie to his face the man is a beast, and now we all know he's got heart.

  5. Yea, Winslow was a real gem at #6 overall. His impressive SIX TDs in four seasons is much better than Roethlisberger’s (#11 overall) SUPER BOWL ring. If Winslow is a “beast” with his 6 TDs in four years, Miller (#30 overall) must be Godzilla with 16 TDs.
    LOL, it is Browns week (just like Xmas twice a year!)
  6. This is his first full year he is maturing, wait and see, saying he is a beast has nothing to do with his curant stats. He will be one of the best.
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    Rooster just because Winslow is already better than any tight end the squeelers have ever had dont hate on him. 4 injury ridden seasons?? and he is just starting to come in his own. He will be talked about as one of the best ever before its all said and done! Nobody on the squeelers will even be able to slow him down in his 10 catch 140 yard effort!:p :D Get a clue as your punk a$$ squeelers just dont have it in them to win this sunday at 1pm!
  8. This #6 overall fourth year bust is better than Heath Miller? Please use ANY stat available to substantiate that claim. And yes, any top 10 pick TE with only 6 Tds in FOUR years is a BUST.

    The truly pathetic part is that this BUST actually considers himself to be a SOLIDER. Someone really needs to tell him that he is just PLAYING a game, and soldiers are actually dying.

    If the Soft Seahawk D beat him up, just imagine what the #1 ranked Steelers D is going to do to “the solider” if he goes over the middle. If Anthony Smith gets a clean shot at “the solider” on Sunday..............they just might need a body bag for this idiot.
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    Rooster you bring up this 4 seasons and 6 TD's like he has played in all 4 seasons. He broke his leg the 2nd game of the season his rookie year out for season. Then he thought he was evil knievel and tore his knee up and missed the whole next season. That would be 2 full seasons missed to injury.
    Heath Miller couldnt hold Winslow's jock strap on a good day. Kellen Winslow is and will be one of the best tight ends ever!! Yes EVER. Winslow is a soldier and will prove it to the squeelers on sunday. Winslow will put Anthony Smith on his a$$ a few times so be ready for it. Dont dissapear from OGF either after the Browns stomp your squeelers.

    Oh yeah the cardinals better than the browns???:confused: :confused: Get a clue dude the Browns will also beat the hell out of them. This is not a lucky cleveland team it is a good one.
  10. Well lets look at the FACTS:

    2007 3TD’s
    2006 3TD’s

    2007 5TD’s
    2006 5TD’s

    They have started the same number of games in the last two seasons, yet Miller has more TD’s than “the best TE in the history of the NFL”.

    If you have ANY evidence that “the solider” (LOL) is “the best TE in the history of the NFL” (LOL), or at least better than Miller whom plays on a team that doesn’t even throw to the TE, please provide.

    An important update from WEWS Channel 5 Cleveland:


    The solider will crush the infidels in the mother of all games on Sunday! Our forces have been lying in wait for the past EIGHT games, but are now ready to pounce, crush the infidels, and drive them from our land! The mighty profit Anderson will use the solider as a sword to cut through the defenses of the non-believers! Their blood will run like a river across the 50-yard line. We are the victors; the infidels have NOT defeated us in 8 consecutive battles. All reports to the contrary have been manufactured by the infidels. We control the division.

    I just wish that I could post the puppy video, but it got pulled last year.
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    I am done telling you how good Winslow is because on sunday he will prove my point for me. Then you can finally shut your mouth about the squeelers!
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    Rooster welcome to CLEVELAND FOOTBALL. Too bad the squeeler fans cant show the same hospitality!:D [​IMG]