great weekend on the sci!

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    i went out after work on friday and tryed for some cats. i caught three nice ones in a row, about 4-5lbs each. then my pole jumped off my tackle box and made a b-line for the water. i picked it up and set the hook, imediatley i knew it was big. i told my buddie that it felt like one of the beeter cats that i have hooked into in that spot. after about 5 min of fitting it i got my first glimpse of him, and my heart sank. it was a carp.:mad: a big carp but still a carp. once i got it in a got a measurement on it, 31 in not bad - for a carp.:p then just as we were leaving my other pole gets slammed, i picked it up and set the hook. it felt like i was snagged, when i got it to the bank what i thought was a log a first started to move it was about a 15 lb snapper.i called it a night on that note. planned on going sat but got rained out. so i went out sunday. i hit up one of my crappie hole and got 25 in an hour over 12''. not to shabby. then switched it over to cats. we got 9 in two hours between 3 of us. the biggest being about 7 lbs. the best part was no carp:D
  2. Hey technician,

    Sounds like you have a wrap on that crappie hole !! I will follow you around sometime if you don't mind ?? This fall should be awesome !!

    Good fishin !!

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    pm me and we can see about getting together sometime. i know the people that own the land that leads up to the spillway were i catch them. it seems like they move in every time it rains. i've caught several out of there last year that were over 15". none this year though, like you said fall will be awsome