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    I'm posting here before Craigslist and newspapers ... Hope an outdoorsman will put her to good use.

    This Van has it all. Tow your boat, electric powered fold-down rear seat turns into queen-size bed. Color TV, Kenwood CD Player, great interior lighting. You can camp anywhere you can park. No need for tents. Find a boat ramp and you're on Vacation ! Great for remote area's like AEP or private lakes without camping spots.

    Drives like a dream on the highway. Smoothest ride and plenty of towing / passing power.

    1993 Ford Conversion Van with Hidden Hitch

    Price: $4,500. Firm, no trades.

    140,000 miles / 15 years = > 10,000 miles per year

    Runs Excellent, no mechanical defects. Brand New Muffler.
    Looks Great Too!


    New Kenwood CD Player
    Color TV, VCR, Plenty of storage for tapes
    All power seats, doors, windows, mirrors
    Full interior lighting: valance, runway, flood etc.

    Seats 7 with 4 Plush Captain's Chairs plus a bench seat

    Bench seat has electric controls that fold it down into a Queen Size bed

    Double, swing-out side doors and double swing-out rear doors.

    Hidden Hitch mount with extension tube (can raise or lower tow height)

    Our kids have grown and we bought a smaller Honda Pilot for towing our boat. Have in-laws to take care of, need to part with this beauty.

    Gas prices are down to $2.00 a gallon, great vehicles like this are practical again.

    Honestly, this is a great vehicle. I have pictures but their too big (file size is over 97 kb) to upload on this site. Will gladly email pictures to any PM with a regular email address.

    Come see it, drive it, kick the tires, lift the hood, crawl underneath ... You'll really like what you see.

    Fair market value is much higher than our price, we aren't looking to get rich, just see our Van go to someone that will enjoy it. You know what it's like, you want someone to enjoy and care for your vehicle. We got pretty attached to this girl after all the trips and good times our family had with her.

    Geez, sounds like I'm selling one of my kids here ... Ok, it's just a nice Van, but we really enjoyed our trips with her.

    $4,500, firm. No trades.

    Great pictures available to any PM's with normal email.

    Hope someone see's the value and snatches this up. Kinda hate to see some High School kid turn this into a party van.

    Open to any questions ...

  2. BigRed

    BigRed Just keep casting ...

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    I sent out the pictures to the two guys that PM'd me ... any more guys want a look? I'll switch the post to craigslist and newspapers soon, just want to give OGF'ers the first chance at the Van.