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Great story in In-Fisherman

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by twistertail, May 18, 2005.

  1. Any one read the reflections in In-Fisherman? Great story about a guy who met a 76 year old guy and starting taking him to Canada on fishing trips. The old man had been fishing in Canada for years but all his fishing buddies died so the younger guy met him and started taking him on his Canadian fishing trips. The old man went on trips till he was in his 90's! I just thought it was a great story and wondered if anyone else read it. I hope to still be fishing when I'm 90!
  2. Oh forgot a good part, the old man was fighting a huge pike and fell over in the boat and the guide tried to take his pole but the old man wouldnt give it up he just needed a little help to get himself up and then landed like a 42" pike!

  3. crankus_maximus

    crankus_maximus Crankus Baitus Maximus

    I hope that is a true story and not a fictional story. That is true good citizenship! As long as he snores, drinks beer, farts and catches fish and tells lies - he's welcome in our fish camp in Canada. Oh yeah, he must have a plentiful supply of american quarters for late-night euchre games.
  4. catking

    catking Banned

    Hell , I hope I'm breathing at 90 .......... :D
  5. Hey crank, I can do all of those things some better than others. So when we going?;)
  6. Hey catking, you just have a few years till you get there dont ya?
  7. Tee

    Tee Team OGF

    Oh lord....Here comes a "JEEEEZ US!"

  8. crankus_maximus

    crankus_maximus Crankus Baitus Maximus

    I'm sure I'll get a lot of volunteers! No vacancies as of yet. As you can tell guys are always available to fill a spot on the roster!