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  1. Got a great new tying book for Christmas from my wife. It is called "Steelhead Flies" by John Shewey. It is a fantastic tutorial on the finer points of dressing flies and has lots of excellent photos of the step- by -step tying instructions.The book is a little pricey around $50 I think but I think money well spent if you enjoy tying artsy looking steelhead flies. The book has close to 200 diffrent patterns and recepies, some with the step-by-step instructions. I have been tying some great looking stuff since Cristmas.
    Just thought I'd share my thoughts since I'm going crazy with this weather.

    On a somewhat related note has anyone ever been involved in a fly swap? I've seen them advertised on other forums, maybe we could start one here.If anyone knows the ins and outs of a swap and wants to start one I'd be in. I think it would be kind of interesting to see what others are tying, to while away the time.
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    seen fly swaps on the fly tying forum and north american fly fishing forum.. matter of fact ones goin on for foam bugs I think right now. I am new to tying and never swapped flys before. I do know the ins and outs tho I believe. baically everyone who wants in says so. then everyone makes there own fly for everyone else and everyone else does the same. then everyone gets one of each guys flys that they tied.

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    I am currently in a fly swap as right now on forum. It not to hard to do. We usually try to get about 10 guys in it maximum as it can be to much if you get a lot of guys in it at once.