Great photo to lift the spirits

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by All Eyes, Dec 5, 2007.

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    It is a great photo, Where did you find it?


    I see alot of soldiers either coming or going to Iraq at the airport or on the planes.
    It is interesting to listen to the stories of those going compared to those coming home.

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    I thank God everyday that I can go home every evening and give my kids a hug like that. I can't imagine leaving my family for a year. I also thank God that there are individuals out there such as herself willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country. May God bless you all and keep you safe.
  4. Boy if that don't touch your heart nothing will. It is easy to forget about our great troops during the holidays when we are consumed by our own family events. Thanks for reminding us to remember.

    Happy Holidays to those serving us abroad and to their loved ones waiting at home.
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    Cripes I am like that to my kids if I am away for the weekend from them. I cannot imagine being gone a year or more from them.

    Thank you to all that have or are serving our country.
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    Awsome, I saw a news program the other night that had soldiers returning home from Iraq and surprizing there kids at school, everyone was in on it except the soldiers kids, it was truely heart wrenching. The reaction of the kids seeing them light up and tear accross the room crying tears of joy, jumping into the arms of daddy from 5' away brought tears to my eyes and I simply went to my boys rooms and gave each a big hug and kiss on the forehead as they slept. On a side note I had a mother and father in the shop who's son is over there right now and to see the pride in there faces as we talked was awsome. They also said that things are going very well according to there son and are nothing like our media portrays them to be. Thank you to all our service men and women who sacrifice everything for our us and our freedoms. S
  7. [ Thank you to all our service men and women who sacrifice everything for our us and our freedoms. S[/QUOTE]
    Amen brother!
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    yep..that is an awesome, tear jerking picture! WOW!!!
  9. cripes, that too, is enough to tear me up.

    there's a woman in our office who's son is in the marines. he and his dept left for an undisclosed place in iraq a few weeks ago. with xmas coming she wanted to surprise him with a care package. she asked for donations of any small items he & his dept could use. well, the response was overwhelming and she ended up with boxes full of stuff - anything from sunscreen to decks of cards & books to non-perishable food items. she had enough to send a package to everyone in her son's dept.

    she showed us pictures of him getting on the bus. it's easy to forget they're kids. just kids.
  10. Thanks to all of you who supported us over there. Unfortunately there are some who felt otherwise. NEVER FORGET!!